Wrap your goods in an extra layer of festive cheer this year

Bring more power and pizazz to your packaging this Christmas with our branded tissue paper.

There’s always a high level of competition in the Christmas market – but it seems like retailers are really going all out in 2021 to get their brands noticed.

Perhaps it’s because they’re keen to make up for another tumultuous year in sales. As we all know, Covid-related restrictions have continued to wreak havoc with supply chains, meaning many traders have been left with gaps in their product ranges and delays in their shipping processes. Most have managed to stay afloat – but it’s certainly not been an easy 12 months for anyone.

Or maybe it’s because our doorsteps have been awash with mailing bags and boxes for close to two years now since the pandemic brought in-store experiences to a halt. Branded merchandise that was considered strong and effective before 2020 just isn’t cutting it in a world that’s becoming increasingly driven by ecommerce; a world where companies are having to go the extra mile to ensure their products and its accompanying packaging really deliver the ‘wow’ factor to today’s discerning customers.

Either way, we think we’ve got the answer to your branding woes: Christmas themed, fully branded tissue paper!

Classy, cushioning, and fully customisable

Whether you want matte printed paper or glossier glazed options, you can pick a finish that suits your brand proposition. From there, you can then adorn your paper with pretty much any design you like, using water-based inks. Whether you’d prefer a subtle yet beautiful logo placement for a touch of class, or a full-scale, multi-colour visuals for maximum impact,

If you have an idea in mind, you can speak to the team here at Hallmark for advice on how to bring it to life – or, if you’re struggling to come up with something special, you can get our in-house designers to take a look at what’s required and come back to you with some brilliant concepts of their own.

Aside from looking amazing and adding a distinctively luxurious touch to any purchase, our printed tissue paper will serve a practical purpose, too. It will provide added protection to any item while it’s in transit, making it especially useful for more delicate goods that need shielding from the bumps and scrapes of the typical shipping process.

There might still be time to order your custom tissue paper before Christmas!

As you would expect, things get pretty hectic here at Hallmark in the run-up to the festive season. We usually advise that customers place their Christmas-related orders as early in the year as possible – especially at the moment, as we are working to slightly longer lead times on some items. However, we can usually design and supply tissue paper within two weeks, so if you haven’t contacted us yet, it’s time to act!

If you find you do miss the boat for mailer packaging, don’t panic – you can still incorporate branded tissue paper into your merchandising strategy this Christmas! It’s ideal for gift-wrapping corporate presents, and it can be slipped neatly into retail boxes and bags right up until the big day itself (and beyond, if you’re not quite ready to leave the festivities behind yet).

And if you’re thinking ahead to next year, now’s the time to get creative. Check out our five genius uses for printed tissue paper. These ideas will deliver plenty of inspiration for ways you can use this material in your packaging moving forward, whether as standard or as part of specific seasonal or one-off campaigns.

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