A closer look at our UK manufacturing capabilities

Not all labelling and merchandising companies are keen to keep their manufacturing processes in the UK.

It can often be cheaper (and easier) to import raw materials, and even finished or branded goods, from abroad. While we’re not knocking this approach, we’ve always prioritised creating our goods right here.

Here are a few things you might not know about Hallmark, and the way we create and deliver our world-class products.

We’re easily accessible for our UK customers – and international ones, too.

Our team is based in Loughton, Essex. This means we’ve got fantastic road and rail links with London and the South East of England, and are only a short drive away from many major ports and airports. There’s less of a need to visit us in person now, and we’re doing a lot of business via phone, email or Zoom – but if you do want to catch up with us face to face, you know you can reach us easily.

We like to keep our manufacturing processes close to home.

We manufacture many of our core products right here in the UK, including our swing tickets, stickers, thank you cards, wash care labels, retail boxes and printed ribbons. (However, we can also source these from overseas, if we need to.)

Doing so means we don’t have to pay as much to transport these goods from A to B – and we can pass on these savings to you, our customers! It also means we can work to lower MOQs than many other businesses in our sector.

We try to keep things local where we can.

We’re contributing to the UK economy by employing more than 30 manufacturing and administrative staff at our HQ. We really wouldn’t be without our team – our workers have kept the production side of the business running as smoothly as possible throughout the Covid pandemic, and we’re incredibly proud of them for tackling all the challenges that have cropped up in the last couple of years head-on. Cheers to you, Hallmark Heroes!

It means our business hasn’t been as affected by the international freight crisis.

Like most companies, we’ve experienced a delays in getting hold of some items in the last few months. (You can learn more about what’s been happening in the global shipping industry, and how recent supply chain issues have affected us, here.) We can’t change what’s happening out there, but we can do everything in our power to make sure we can supply our products in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible – and part of that is creating and ordering goods from within the country if it’s a viable option.

We’re not planning to change things any time soon.

We have no plans to stop manufacturing in the UK. In fact, we will soon be investing in new machinery, and we’re even looking at extending our premises in the not-too-distant future. Keep an eye out on our blog and across our social accounts for news and updates!

And if you want to partner with a local label supplier and merchandising specialist with a knack for delivering incredible products via exceptional customer service, you know where we are. Contact Hallmark today to discuss your upcoming project in more detail and get a quote for your custom-designed goods.

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