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The eco-friendly mailing bag

Order custom printed paper mailing bags from Hallmark Labels

Printed paper packaging, without the eco guilt.

Invest in a more sustainable alternative to standard mailing bags.

Paper mailing bags

At Hallmark Labels, we specialise in producing reinforced paper mailing bags printed to your precise specifications.

These products are perfect for transporting special or important orders, as their extra-protective layer will keep your goods safe from harm. Each paper mail bag comes with two SADH closing strips to make it easy for customers to return their items, if they need to. Corrugated cardboard lined bags are also available.

Our standard MOQ on these products is 250 pieces per size, and our lead time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Paper mailing bags put to the test

Take a look at our YouTube video below to see how durable our paper mailing bags are.

Put The Planet First

As well as being incredibly resilient, our custom paper mailing bags are surprisingly eco-friendly. These items are made using FSC certified recycled paper, so you can trust that the raw materials used during the manufacturing process have been handled in an environmentally responsible way, to better protect our forests. 

Free Design Service

No idea where to start when it comes to producing suitable artwork for your printed paper mailing bags? Don’t worry – Hallmark’s own team of UK-based designers can help you come up with visuals that perfectly reflect your brand. Talk to us now for more information on our in-house capabilities.