Hallmark now offering lower MOQs on many key products

One of the biggest things that has always set Hallmark apart from other printers is our ability to cater for retailers and manufacturers at every stage of their business journey.

We have always been committed to ensuring all of our customers can get fantastic value from our goods and services – regardless of their size or their budget.

In fact, we care just as much about our smaller brands as we do our multi-national corporate clients.

And to prove it, we are now offering much lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) on some of the most popular labelling and merchandising products within our range.

In the past, we have typically worked to 1000 pcs per item. But by streamlining processes internally, along with introducing new machinery to our factory, we can now provide smaller inventories to the people who buy from us, without compromising on the quality of the products or the speed and reliability of our printing service. 

Which products can be ordered at lower quantities?

You can now order the below products from our collection in the following quantities.

Washcare labels: 100 pcs

Stickers: 100 pcs

Woven labels: 100 pcs

Thank you cards: 100 pcs

Gift boxes: 50 pcs

Swing tags: 200 pcs

Tissue paper: 500 sheets

What are the benefits of lower MOQs?

Minimum order quantities are important to businesses like ours because they help to keep our threshold costs in check, which in turn ensures we do not lose money when charging wholesale prices for our products.

Every print provider must consider MOQs when pricing jobs for their clients, regardless of how much each order is worth. Otherwise, they will run the risk of losing money on the sale, not making a profit.

But as you can imagine, applying high MOQs to products can make it difficult for smaller or lower-budget clients to get the items they need at a reasonable price.

That’s why we’ve done everything we can recently to keep these figures down and ensure more companies than ever before can access world-class labelling and packaging solutions that will help them create a stand-out brand.

Whether you want to test the water with a new idea, set up a short-run seasonal campaign, or simply trial our products before you commit to a bigger order, our revised MOQs make it possible for you to get your hands on products of an unrivalled quality, at some of the most competitive prices around.

Contact the team here at Hallmark to discuss your requirements in more detail and confirm the minimum order quantities on the items you’re looking for. We’re confident that what we can offer will exceed all your expectations – and we’re certain you’ll stick with us once you’ve seen what we can do!

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