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Get creative, without the high costs

We design and print unique self-adhesive labels for any application.

Self Adhesive Labels

Hallmark Labels can manufacture all kinds of self-adhesive labels within fast time frames.

Clothing label manufacturers
Custom adhesive labels
Custom adhesive labels

Whether you need barcode stickers, price stickers, beautiful foiled or laminated branded stickers, food safety seal stickers, or hygienic acetate stickers specifically designed for use in swimwear products, Hallmark has the capabilities to produce all kinds of custom self-adhesive labels quickly and at a low cost.
Our in-house team can print your custom adhesive labels in as many colours as you require, and these products are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We also produce 3D dome labels, which will elevate the look and feel of your items with some extra tactility.

Some finished custom stickers…

With no minimum order quantity, and a 48-hour lead time, branded stickers are a no brainer!

Branded labels and stickers to suit your stock

Our self-adhesive labels and branded stickers can include a brief description of the item, a simple bar code to help you keep track of your stock, or a clear price label. However, you can get a little more creative with your self-adhesive stickers if you want to – they can be developed further to include added promotional information and even basic company graphics.
We work hard to ensure that all orders placed for printed self-adhesive labels are fulfilled quickly and efficiently, with maximum attention to detail. And if you are working to a tight lead time, you can take advantage of our priority ordering service, which will usually ensure your labels are with you in 24-48 hours.