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Branded Kraft and vinyl tape

Simply reinforce your brand colours or go for a vibrant, stand-out design – the choice is yours.

Packaging Tape

Take your merchandise to the next level with a quick sweep and cut.

Printed packaging tape
Packing tape UK

Why opt for plain old packaging? Give your boxes and parcels a brand facelift by investing in custom packaging tape!

Hallmark can design and print branded packaging tape that’s adorned with your logo and takes inspiration from your company’s very own colour palette. This kind of tape provides you with a great way to level up your mailers and set your shipping merchandise apart from your competitors’ efforts.

All our branded packaging tape is available in a relatively small MOQ of 36 rolls, making it an affordable option for smaller businesses and start-ups as well as more established retailers and manufacturers.

Printed packaging tape…

Our MOQ is only 36 rolls, why not dip your toe in and see how useful it can be to your brand.

Which type of branded tape do you need?

We supply two types: Kraft tape and vinyl tape. Both can be customised with your choice of graphics, but each product does boast slightly different properties.

Kraft tape is made from a biodegradable, paper-based solution that can be easily recycled without being separated from the box itself, making it a great investment for the more eco-conscious businesses amongst you. It’s also a great fit for corrugated boxes, thanks not only to its strength, but also its flexibility.

Vinyl tape, on the other hand, is a much tougher adhesive that keeps its form even when it’s placed under a lot of tension. It adapts well to different climates, making it ideal for manufacturers packing items in cold or chilled environments – and it has a beautiful sheen that’s guaranteed to add a further touch of luxury to your goods.

If you’re unsure which kind of tape will best meet your needs – or you’re keen to discuss design ideas with our experienced in-house branding specialists – contact Hallmark today.