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Custom swing tickets to give your clothes and accessories the edge

We can design and print swing tags that complement your brand strategy.

Swing Tickets

Custom swing tags are without a doubt a key element of your garment and product branding strategy.

Custom clothing tags
Custom clothing labels
Custom swing tickets

We produce custom swing tickets using various processes and finishing options to help you create something eye-catching that perfectly reflects your brand.

Combining printed personalised swing tags in all manner of different shapes, sizes and materials with the expert knowledge of our in-house team, we can ensure that you receive clothing tags of unrivalled quality that can be integrated seamlessly into your products.

Before you commit to a full order, we can send you some printed swing ticket samples, so you can get a feel for the different qualities and design features on offer.

Please click here to contact one of our team who will be happy to help you.

Check out our swing tags!

Here we have an example of a finished bespoke swing tag. They are made from recycled sustainable forestry material, and are biodegradable.

Customise your swing tags

Our branded swing tickets and seals can be printed with or without variable data, depending on your production requirements. We can also print QR codes or barcodes onto your bespoke swing tags, and add returns warnings to help reduce your returns rate.

Order tickets to suit your unique requirements

We can produce all kinds of printed swing tags to fit any kind of budget. Whether you want a cost effective swing ticket for mass use, or a luxurious premium printed swing tag for a smaller range of items, we can offer many different options. We can offer swing tickets with foiling, lamination, spot UV, embossing and more – everything you need to get your swing tag looking amazing!

Eco friendly options, as standard

The foil we use for our printed swing tags is now fully recyclable, and our swing tags are made with FSC approved materials, so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit for the planet when you invest in these beautiful yet practical custom designed swing tickets.