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Keep your garments safe in style

Use our custom printed anti-return ribbons to protect your stock.

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Keep your garments safe in style

Use our custom printed anti-return ribbons to protect your stock.

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Printed Anti Return Ribbons

Bespoke logo branded ribbons designed to combat fraudulent returns

Bespoke printed ribbons

Our custom printed anti return ribbons are one of the most practical types of merchandise currently available from our range. These versatile products are fast becoming a must-have item for sales-conscious retailers who are keen to cut their return rates without cheapening the look and feel of their goods.

Our ribbons can be cut to any length. Most customers order 500m, 1000m or 2500m rolls, but speak to us if you have different quantities in mind and we’ll see what we can do!

The MOQ on these anti return ribbons is 500 metres (or 1 small roll), and the lead time is usually just 2 to 3 days. Please contact us for more information or to place your order.

How our anti-return ribbons work

Our anti return ribbons provide you with a smart and stylish way to prevent fraudulent transactions.

By wrapping your garment in an anti return sash, you’ll prevent your customers from being able to wear your garment out once and bring it back to you as if it were new. This is a real problem for many online and High Street retailers, particularly those selling premium items – so any steps you can take to reduce your return rates will pay dividends for your bottom line in the long run.

These small yet mighty products are playing an increasingly important role in our customers’ loss prevention strategies, as they create an undesirable add-on to the piece of clothing that fraudsters will be unwilling to have on display while they’re enjoying their big night out.

Peel as much material as you need from the roll, then loop the ribbon through your product where it can be seen. 

Fasten the two ends of the ribbon together using our security sticker that falls apart when you try and remove it from the ribbon. Simply attach the sticker to the two ends of the ribbon to close the loop, the sticker disintegrates when tampered with and cannot be reapplied.

You can also fasten the two ends of the ribbon together with a press stud or by stitching the sash into a seam, and you’ll be left with an unmistakable disclaimer ribbon that can’t be hidden, removed or reattached – simple!

Our anti-return ribbons are a smart and effective solution for deterring fraudulent returns.

Wrapping your products in these ribbons discourages customers from wearing and returning items as new—a common challenge faced by both online and brick-and-mortar retailers, especially those offering premium goods. Taking steps to minimise returns can significantly benefit your bottom line over time.

These robust products are becoming essential in our clients’ loss prevention strategies, serving as an unappealing addition to apparel that potential fraudsters wouldn’t want visible during their outings.

Simply unroll the desired amount of ribbon, loop it visibly through your product, and secure the ends with our specialised security sticker. This sticker is designed to disintegrate when tampered with, preventing reattachment.

Alternatively, secure the ribbon ends with a press stud or by sewing the sash into a seam for a permanent anti-return marker that remains conspicuous and tamper-proof—effective and straightforward!

Printed ribbons suitable for a range of applications

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your clothing, accessories, gifts, or product packaging?

Our single and double-sided printed satin ribbons come in a variety of widths to suit your style preferences. We can personalise these branded ribbons with your own unique design, then print them using a 4-colour Pantone process or with carefully placed spot colours, depending on the look you want to go for.

The end result? A beautiful and versatile addition to your promotional pack that can be used in all kinds of fun and exciting ways to jazz up what you offer.

Our branded ribbons are made from recycled materials, providing you with a more sustainable way of adding a smattering of class to your items!

Beautiful ribbons for all occassions

Seeing how our ribbons and tissue paper can enhance your products

Designing your branded ribbons

Our team can provide printed or anti return ribbons in plain or unbranded designs if needs be, but we really come into our own when we’re developing custom designed ribbons that include your brand logo and business-specific graphics. These kinds of bespoke sash ribbons look smart, feel slick, and are guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention, regardless of where they are used or how they are applied.

If you don’t have the design knowledge (or confidence!) to produce your ribbon graphics yourself, remember you can always take advantage of our in-house design service.