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Branded Polybags

A portable bag of style and identity, encapsulating products with a touch of brand magic.


Pack your goods up in style with our fully branded, sealable polythene solutions.

Eco-friendly polybags

Polythene bags – or polybags, as most of our customers like to call them – are those important but often unassuming containers that are used to seal goods and protect them during shipping.

They play a vital role in getting your items to their final destination. Their high strength, low density LDPE polythene will work to ensure everything stays put throughout the delivery process, and their excellent temperature resistance ensures they will stand up to changing climes if your products need to travel a particularly long distance.

But though they’re a hugely practical and sensible option for most businesses, polybags aren’t particularly pretty. Until you ask us to work our design magic on them, that is!

How we can customise your polythene bags

Hallmark can design and supply fully branded polythene bags, printed using cutting edge techniques for a bright, high quality finish.

Whether you simply want to add your company logo to your polybags to give them a unified look, or you want to experiment with more prominent design options, you can rely on our team to create products that will impress your customers and take your merchandising strategy to dizzying new heights.

Aside from our brilliant range of print options, we can also add a range of functional features to your order, including closing strips or zippers to suit your products’ own dimensions. Our bags are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to cater for everyone’s requirements, too.

And if you’re looking for an eco-friendlier alternative to your typical polythene bags, rest assured we can also supply products in virgin, recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials to help you limit the amount of single use plastic that’s used within your business.

To place an order for your next batch of beautiful custom polybags, or to discuss your options in more detail with a member of our team, contact Hallmark today!