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The eco choice for forward-thinking brands

Our cotton labels will add rustic charm to any design.

Cotton Labels

Quality, tactile solutions for a premium look and finish.

Personalised cotton labels
Cotton clothing labels
Organic cotton labels

Lightweight yet impressively durable, our 100% organic cotton labels are an eco-friendly alternative to our more robust woven varieties.

At Hallmark, we can produce cotton labels in natural or white colours to suit the aesthetics of your brand. We can print these products with virtually any design you wish, reproducing even high-definition graphics with a sharp, bright finish for a strikingly professional look. Our natural cotton labels can be end folded or loop folded to prevent fraying and can be cut to any size you require.

The natural cotton used to manufacture these stunning labels is extremely soft and, depending on the design you’re working with, works well either inside or outside a garment.

We’re proud to offer relatively low MOQs on our cotton label products, with orders starting from 100 pcs. Our lead time is typically 2 to 3 days.

Organic Cotton labels being printed…

Watch one of our client’s cotton labels being produced. The cotton is organic, and the material is incredibly soft.

Why choose printed cotton labels?

Switched-on, eco-savvy customers are increasingly looking to buy from brands that use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Our organic cotton labels are the ‘greener’ choice by far, because the cotton that is used to produce them is grown without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides that can cause long-term damage to our environment. Growing organic cotton typically uses far less water than conventional cotton, too, meaning this precious resource is saved throughout the harvesting process.