Box and bag your way to a greener 2022

Our clients are actively finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints – and we’ve noticed that green shipping has become more of a focus in the last few years, particularly since the Covid crisis accelerated the move to online shopping and more boxes and bags are being sent to our doorsteps than ever before.

As a retailer, it’s not always possible to control every aspect of your supply chain. You can’t vet every process used by your couriers and your shipping companies; you can’t guarantee that the people you work with around the world are as passionate about looking after our planet as you are.

But what you can do is ensure the mailing boxes and mailing bags you choose are not only robust and durable, but also fully biodegradable.

The benefits of investing in biodegradable mailers

They’re kinder to our ecosystems

As their names suggests, biodegradable products will break down in a way that is much kinder to the environment. They are usually made from plant-based materials that can be returned to the earth much more quickly and safely than standard plastic-based products – as long as they are disposed of correctly, of course.

They’re not full of dangerous plastics

Sustainable packaging contains less plastic (if any), which means that, by choosing it, you’ll be helping to keep many harmful substances out of landfill and away from our precious oceans.

They are the more sustainable option from day one

Using biodegradable bags and boxes will help you cut down your greenhouse emissions, because this kind of compostable packaging typically takes less carbon to produce. So, you’ll be working in a much eco-friendlier way from the very beginning of the manufacturing process, earning you maximum green points!

They’re recyclable and reusable

These products can be recycled easily – but you’ll often find that they’re given a second, third or even fourth life thanks to their impressive strength and durability.

Customers prefer eco-conscious companies

Your customers will look more favourably on your brand if they know you are using sustainable products wherever possible. Plenty of research in recent years has found that opinions are changing to the extent that the majority of people – especially those within younger generations – would prefer to buy from a business with better green credentials. 

You could capture more market share

A survey carried out in 2020 by Trivium Packaging found that up to 74% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging – so, based on this data, you could in fact attract more sales and grow your business quite considerably just by making this one small and relatively simple change to your operations.

They are often no more expensive than their traditional counterparts

It’s a common misconception that biodegradable mailing boxes and bags are much more expensive. This really isn’t the case. You’ll find our prices to be attractive and realistic, even if you want to order relatively low quantities.

Order from our greener range of mailing boxes and bags

As a company, we’ve taken big steps in recent times to make sure we offer green alternatives that are just as effective and affordable as the rest of the items in our collection.

All our branded mailing boxes are biodegradable, as are many of our custom branded polybags. They are also printed with non-toxic, water-based inks. Speak to our team today to learn more about our sustainable solutions and how you can incorporate these incredible products into your own sales strategies!

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