Five genius uses for printed tissue paper

1. Gift wrap

Printed, glazed and custom branded tissue paper is often used to wrap gifts at the counter for customers who want to add a touch of glamour and exclusivity to their latest purchases. Its delicate yet durable nature means it’s the ideal protective coating for jewellery, ceramics, glass products and premium footwear. 

But why wrap your products in plain, unappealing tissue paper when you can create something more distinctive instead? Printed tissue gift wrap will definitely leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customer and the lucky recipient.  

2. Gift boxes

Businesses that are keen to achieve a distinctively premium look and feel are increasingly adding custom printed tissue paper to their gift boxes and sleeves. Doing so adds an exquisite layer of intrigue to the packaging and creates an extra few seconds of suspense for the person who’s unwrapping the present.  

For extra impact, you can also invest in custom printed gift boxes!

3. Luxury bags

Make your customers feel utterly special by adding a cut of branded tissue paper to their shopping bag. High end fashion retailers and shoe shops often use this versatile material to not only protect their products from damage, but also reinforce their logo and messaging. 

4. Mail outs

If you’re an online retailer that regularly sends products or promotional items out to a wide pool of customers, printed tissue paper is an absolutely vital part of your marketing arsenal. Online shoppers often receive dozens of deliveries every month, but by including soft, tactile tissue paper in your packaging, you’re enhancing their experience of your brand and setting your company and its products apart from what’s on offer from run-of-the-mill traders. 

5. Wedding favours

…That’s right! We can even print custom tissue paper to add that extra special touch to your big day. Brides and grooms are often looking for a memorable way to personalise their wedding favours – so why not add your names, your wedding date or even a fun illustration to some printed tissue paper and wrap your ‘thank you’ presents in some unforgettable material? 

With thousands of Pantone colours available, and prices to suit the budgets of any retail business, we’re certain the team here at Hallmark Labels will be able to produce colourful, memorable printed tissue paper that will help you meet all of your marketing objectives. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and get a bespoke quote for your next order. 

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