The value of a ‘Thank you’

The true impact of saying ‘thanks’

Many of us are undervaluing the power of a simple ‘thank you’ – particularly when it comes to nurturing and cementing our relationships with the people who buy from us.

If a customer has taken the time to get to know your business, buy from your business, and possibly even spread the word about your business to their network, why wouldn’t you want to thank them for supporting your endeavours?

After all, a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. Saying ‘thank you’ to your customers will make them feel valued; it will make them feel like their enquiry or order really matters. And in a world where direct contact is dwindling and cynicism is at an all-time high, businesses should be doing everything in their power to encourage feelings of goodwill amongst their customer base – even though it can feel unnatural, and sometimes awkward, to express gratitude without a direct prompt. 

Why don’t we thank others as often as we should?

A study published in Psychological Science in 2018 has given us an insight into why we’re often reluctant to give thanks to the people around us, especially without reason. 

The key takeaway from the study was this: those who think about expressing their gratitude often don’t, because they assume their recipient(s) will already know they are appreciative. In addition, we tend to limit our gratefulness because we underestimate just how happy the recipient(s) will be to receive an indication of thanks.

We, as business owners, are often guilty of presuming that our customers know we appreciate their custom. But chances are, they don’t.

We assume our customers won’t be grateful to stumble across a ‘thank you’ note – when, in actual fact, they would be over the moon to receive this kind of acknowledgement.

A little ‘thank you’ could go a long way to cementing a stronger commercial relationship and garnering a more positive emotional response to your brand. When executed in the right way, this kind of simple yet powerful gesture could even encourage more referrals and repeat business. 

Use postage cards to spread your gratitude

Our clients are waking up to the many benefits of communicating their gratitude – and as a result, we’re increasingly receiving orders for custom-printed postage cards.

These small but effective ‘thank you’ notes, which can be slotted into cards, letters, mail-outs, mailing bags and printed boxes, will provide you with an inobtrusive yet impactful way to let your customers know you’re thinking of them.

We can help you produce stand-out postage cards that convey your thanks in a way that’s 100% on brand. As well as ensuring that your ‘thank you’ cards are printed to your exact specifications and manufactured with a high quality finish, our in-house design team can also help you create suitable graphics for your new printed materials if you’re lacking this expertise in-house. We have a thorough understanding of today’s packaging demands and will use our knowledge to deliver printed solutions that make a brilliant impression on the people who are vital to the success of your business.

Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of using bespoke postage cards within your customer engagement strategy! 

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