Eco-friendly mailing bags!

An unfathomable amount of clothes and accessories end up in landfill every year, along with the disposable merchandise that accompanies them. Bags, boxes, labels and tickets are powerful marketing tools, but once they’ve served their purpose by reinforcing the company’s branding and aiding the sale, they’ll often be thrown straight in the bin. 

What can be done to combat unnecessary waste?

In order to offset the industry’s sizeable contribution to pollution, many businesses within the fashion space are slowly waking up to an eco-friendlier way of operating. They’re becoming more aware of what actually happens to their items once they’ve been loved, worn, used and discarded – and more conscious of the materials they’re using within their manufacturing processes.

Ecommerce companies – those that trade predominantly online, and so regularly wrap up and ship out their wares to customers – are consciously changing their packaging. Printed mailing bags, for example, have been traditionally manufactured using non-biodegradable plastics. These long-lasting, man-made materials are durable enough to protect precious goods from even the most rigorous journeys – but the downside is, they’re designed for single use. They’re not always recyclable or compostable. They’re contributing to the problem. 

We provide a range of environmentally friendly mailing bags

Thankfully, there are a range of sustainable packaging materials on the market that can offer the same functionality without the eco guilt.

All the mailing bags printed and produced by Hallmark are fully recyclable. At your request, we can also produce bags that are made from recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials.
Cost is always a factor for our customers, and many have concerns that taking a more environmentally conscious path will result in higher overheads and reduced profits. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We can provide recyclable and recycled mailing bags at competitive fees, and often with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) – which means you don’t need to purchase a high volume of bags to take advantage of these market-changing products.  
What’s more, you won’t be waiting months for your brand new eco-friendly mailing bags to arrive. Our lead times for this kind of merchandise is typically 6-7 weeks. 
(Please note, bags made from compostable materials sometimes require a slightly higher MOQ, but the final run requirements will depend on the complexity of your design.)

Go one step further…

Why stop at eco-friendly mailing bags? Hallmark offers a range of other sustainable packaging and merchandising options for fashion businesses that are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Our cotton labels, for example, are a welcome alternative to plastic printed labels, and our corrugated boxes offer all the robustness and durability of standard cardboard packaging, yet are ethically sourced and easy to recycle.
For more information on the eco benefits of our mailing bags, or to learn more about the fantastic range of eco-friendly merchandise available from Hallmark Labels, contact our team today! 

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