It’s business as usual – for now

With the coronavirus crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide, many of our regular customers have come to us with their concerns at this challenging and unprecedented time.

Right now, we would like to reassure our customers that it is very much business as usual in terms of our everyday operations. Unless we are advised to shut down by the authorities, we will be fulfilling all orders as planned and working around the clock to ensure your merchandise is printed, checked and delivered as quickly as possible given the circumstances.

We can still offer incredibly fast lead times on all products, so we urge you to get in touch now if you need us to get a run out the door ASAP! 

What we’re doing to combat the spread of COVID-19

We will, of course, be implementing strict social distancing measures at our premises to make sure we are limiting contact and reducing our risk of infection.  

Where possible, staff will be working remotely. Those who need to be at our HQ will be sticking to a strict hand washing routine and will be sitting at least 2 metres apart from each other during office hours. 

All onsite staff will have access to tissues and hand sanitizer to ensure they can follow the government’s advice with regards to personal hygiene – and anyone who displays any known symptoms of COVID-19, who feels generally unwell, or has come into contact with someone with a suspected case will be asked to stay at home for at least 14 days prior to returning to work. 

We’re confident that the steps we take now will safeguard our staff and customers from risk. We will also be working closely with our suppliers to ensure they are following similarly stringent procedures. 

What can you order?

As mentioned above, there are currently no restrictions on our product range. From self-adhesive labels to woven labels, customised mailing bags to personalised swing tickets, we’re taking orders on all our bespoke printed merchandise. Contact our team to learn more or place your order! 

We’ll update you if and when the information here changes. In the meantime, stay safe! 

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