Mailing bags market set to grow further, new report finds

At Hallmark, we know just how popular our branded mailing bags are with our customers. We can safely say they are one of our most requested items.

With more people than ever choosing to order items online, the retailer demand for mailing bags and boxes has never been higher as far as we’re concerned – but now our opinion has been backed up with findings from a recent report stating that the global mailing bags market is set to be valued at $3.9 billion by 2031.

For context, it was valued at $2.7 billion as of 2022.

What did the report say?

Research undertaken by Transparency Market Research Inc. looked at forecasts across many different regions, including North America and APAC, and the results were pretty much the same across the board; the report found that mailing bags are not only a cost-effective shipping solution, but a viable marketing tool.

What was particularly interesting was the report’s nod to the easy customisability of these bags, and how this is continuing to ensure sustainable demand. The fact that customers (ie retailers) can use the latest printing technologies to create personalised mailing bags in any shape, size, configuration or colour – and to accommodate virtually any kind of design they like – is a huge driver behind the enduring popularity of these products.

Plus, sellers and their customers aren’t too worried about the environmental impact of their branded mailing bags these days because they know that there’s an array of sustainable packaging available to help reduce landfill waste and offset carbon emissions. (This is something we are particularly passionate about here at Hallmark, too, and we’ve taken many steps to source materials with greener credentials. If you’re wondering how to ‘green up’ your packaging without compromising on style, we recently put together a hotlist of our guilt-free packaging ideas for eco-conscious brands.)

Another good point made by the report – and something that we’ve seen reflected in our customers’ requirements – is that businesses are increasingly deciding to widen their target audiences and market and/or ship to international destinations. This means they’re not only searching for durable, hardwearing, affordable, and sustainable shipping bags with their logos on them – they’re wanting to increase the role that such bags play in their promotional strategies. From adorning their products with full-scale custom illustrations to including snazzy features that improve the customers’ experience, there’s plenty these businesses can now do to make their custom postage bags stand out.

Why Hallmark should be your custom shipping bags partner of choice

Do we produce branded mailing bags that are sustainable? Yes.

Are they of the best possible quality? Totally.

And are they available at cost-effective rates? Absolutely.

But as well as being everything you want them to be from a practical point of view, our mailing bags can be taken to the next level. Hallmark specialises in creating eye-catching, completely personalised packaging bags that will give your brand the edge.

Speak to us today about the range of options available to you, or head on over to our dedicated Custom Mailing Bags page for a closer look at our range and plenty of advice on how to design mailing bags that really ‘pop’.

Please note that our MOQs start at 1000 items, and further discounts are available on orders of 5000 items or more.

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