Go eco: Guilt-free packaging ideas for sustainable brands

We’ve talked about our commitment to sourcing and supplying eco materials in the past – but many of you still might not know the extent of our eco-friendly packaging range.

If you’re looking for more responsible solutions for your labelling and merchandising strategy, Hallmark has got you covered. We’ve made it our mission to find the most environmentally friendly goods available, so you can rest assured that your next big marketing campaign won’t be having an undesirable impact on the world we live in. This is particularly important if your brand strategy is heavy on sustainability and CSR elements; you need to practice what you preach!

Here’s a quick glimpse into what’s on offer.

Sustainably sourced paper

As we mentioned in our previous blog, Hallmark is an FSC certified company, which means our paper-based packaging comes straight from responsibly managed forests. We’re fully aware of the impact of deforestation on our planet’s habitats, and our affiliation with the Forest Stewardship Council proves we’re committed to reducing the impact of our work.

Biodegradable materials

Many of our products are biodegradable – including our Kraft packages, which will actually degrade in a matter of weeks rather than years.

Free from nasty plastics that are notoriously bad for the environment, our printed boxes and paper mailing bags are available in biodegradable and compostable materials, so regardless of the size of your order, you can sleep soundly knowing these products won’t end up in landfill for long periods of time. (And with recent statistics suggesting that nearly 80% of plastic waste is ending up in the ground or in the ocean, anything we can do to reduce this figure will make a difference.)

Recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials

Not only is much of our packaging sourced from recycled materials in the first place, it’s also easy to recycle once it’s fulfilled its original purpose.

Alternatively, you can encourage your customers to reuse your boxes and bags in their own home. By inspiring them to find different uses for the packaging they have received, you’ll truly be leading from the front on the issue of sustainability. If you’re after some ideas, you’ll find some sound advice in this blog post here. We particularly love the idea of using our printed bags, boxes and tissue paper in an arts and crafts session for the kids – it’s a cheap, simple and sustainable way to keep them entertained!

Sustainable inks

The inks we use to create your bespoke designs are water-based. These inks contain fair less PVCs and chemicals than their solvent-based counterparts, meaning they are not as toxic for the environment when they’re eventually disposed of. They won’t contaminate our waterways and ecosystems in the same way. We also love water-based inks because of the way they soak into the product as opposed to sitting on top of it. This makes the print feel much smoother. Speak to our team for more insight into the eco-friendly packaging solutions available from one of the UK’s most trusted labelling and packaging suppliers!

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