Our eco-friendly Kraft packages

Here at Hallmark, our customers are always exploring ways to ensure their printed merchandise is as environmentally friendly as it can be.

As a company, we’ve purposefully extended our catalogue to include more eco-friendly products. This isn’t just because we’ve seen an increase in demand for them – it’s because, as a brand, we take our commitment to looking after our planet very seriously. Like most other responsible businesses, we want to do everything we can to encourage retailers to choose recyclable and reusable materials for their products wherever possible, and this means offering sustainable items at affordable prices to make sure they are accessible to everyone.

To demonstrate this commitment, we’re now offering a series of items made from brown Kraft paper within our new Kraft packs.

Kraft paper mailing bags
Kraft paper mailing bags, mailing boxes, branded tape and swing tickets

These products are:

  • FSC certified and approved
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Biodegradable – in fact, they degrade in just a matter of weeks!

However, despite their eco-credentials, Kraft boxes and bags are still incredibly durable and will provide brilliant protection to most items while they’re in transit.

They can also be stamped and embossed/debossed, enabling you to add your branding with ease. Contact our team to learn more about our design options and get advice on what kind of style and finish will work for you!

What’s included in our Kraft packs?

These packs offer everything you need to package your items in style whilst still working towards your sustainability goals.

Our packs typically include:

Branded Kraft mailing boxes

Cut to your desired size, these mailing boxes are tough enough to withstand even the harshest shipping conditions.

Custom Kraft mailing bags

They do deliver a relatively lo-fi aesthetic – but Kraft mailing bags can be a great fit for brands that care more about saving the environment than providing luxurious-looking packaging. They’re just as strong as polythene bags.

Bespoke Kraft swing tags

These high-quality and remarkably tactile products will definitely add a rustic feel to your collection. You can learn more about why swing tags are an important part of your labelling strategy here.

Printed Kraft packaging tape

A vital investment for any business that regularly mails garments out to clients, our self-adhesive Kraft packaging tape will keep your goods safe and secure until they reach their destination.

Want to learn more about our eco-friendly Kraft labelling and merchandising solutions? Keen to see if these products could work within your branding strategy? Our sales team can answer all your questions and help you create custom-branded bags, boxes and swing tickets that are the perfect match for your brand image. Get in touch now!

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