Big news from a huge retailer… and how you can follow suit

Eco campaigners rejoiced last year when retail giant Amazon announced that it had plans to stop sending out its packages in plastic padded bags.

Amazon has yet to set a deadline for this massive change – but if (or, hopefully, when!) it gets actioned, it should significantly reduce how much of its packaging ends up in landfill. This is a vital step in the right direction, because it’s thought that less than 10% of the world’s plastic waste has ever been recycled, leaving most of it to pollute our oceans and wreak havoc with our ecosystems.

So, if you’re still mailing your own items out in traditional plastic goods, could it be time to take a leaf out of Amazon’s book and decide to invest in more sustainable choices?

Industry experts are hopeful that Amazon’s recent decision should encourage more retailers to take their own eco stance, albeit on a smaller scale. If you’re a brand that’s big on sustainability, now’s the time to consider switching plastic packaging to paper-based alternatives – and we’re here to make it easy for you to manage the transition!

The sustainable packaging options available from Hallmark Labels

  • All our paper products are FSC certified, which means they are sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Put the planet first with our branded paper mailing bags and printed mailing boxes! These products are available in biodegradable and compostable materials
  • All items in our range are easy to recycle, and in many cases can be reused several times to maximise their life. Take a look at our blog for ideas and inspiration on how you and your customers can make the most of your packaging materials, time and time again
  • We offer a series of Kraft packages, which offer all the strength and durability you need from your investments, without the eco-guilt! We even stock printed Kraft packaging tape. All Kraft products can be customised with your own designs, so you won’t be missing out from a branding perspective
  • The inks we use to create our customers’ bespoke packaging designs are water-based, which means they contain far fewer PVCs and chemicals when compared to inks with solvents and won’t pollute our environment in the same way

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