Why Choose Woven Labels?

Need convincing that woven labels are the right fit for your garments? Read on for three reasons why these classic labels are a safe bet for any designer or manufacturer. 

1. They add undeniable sophistication to any garment

The unique texture of woven labels adds a luxurious feel to clothing, which makes them the perfect choice for designers and manufacturers who want to target the premium end of the market.

They are especially popular amongst clothes makers who want to add a distinctively personal touch to their creations, such as those who are developing a range in a boutique vintage style. Trust us when we say they really do add something special to any product. 

And because they’re sewn directly into the garment, these types of labels are wonderfully tasteful and discreet. They won’t interfere with the cut or design of your clothing at all.  

2. They are completely customisable 

Choose woven labels, and you’re giving yourself and your design team complete creative freedom! Whether you want to showcase your logo, add in an eye-catching illustration or pack your label full of all those important wash care instructions in multiple languages, the sky’s the limit when it comes to producing custom artwork for woven labels. 

Ultimately, the aesthetics of the final label will come down to the kind of weave you choose. There are plenty of weave types that can give your labels their own distinctive look. The most popular are:

Taffeta: a plain style that delivers a basket weave effect. This works particularly well for small, simple labels without any fancy lettering or illustrations.

Satin: as you would expect, this fabric delivers a glossy texture that means it lends itself well to higher-end garments and occasion wear. Due to printing restrictions, satin woven labels are usually only created with black or white bases – but any colour can be used to produce the logo or other information, so your branding won’t be entirely compromised. 

Damask: this is arguably the most versatile of all weaves! It provides great definition for more complicated artwork, too, which is why you’ll often find it across your favourite High Street labels. 

3. They’re very durable

Your company name, logo and all other relevant information isn’t printed into the label itself – it’s woven in, making the wording virtually indestructible.

The label won’t peel off, it won’t fade unnecessarily, and, as long as the item is looked after properly and washed with due care, it will remain readable for many months and years to come. 

There’s another reason why successful clothing suppliers often opt for woven labels: they’re great value for money. Choose woven tags, and you’re guaranteed to get premium quality labels at an economical price. 

To learn more about how our custom woven labels can be used to elevate your branding and add an irresistible look and feel to your garments, contact Hallmark Labels today! 

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