What kinds of designs look best on woven labels?

What kinds of designs look best on woven labels?

Woven label trends to keep you ahead of the design curve.

If you’ve kept an eye on our blog over the last couple of years, you’ll know that we LOVE woven labels.

We’re always quick to suggest these luxurious-looking tags to customers who want to create a more premium image for their clothes and accessories.

They are, without a doubt, one of the classiest and most sophisticated labelling options out there – and they certainly leave a lasting impact on people who demand and expect more from their purchases, and the brands supplying them.

Despite their many advantages, our design team often gets asked what kind of templates will work best on these much more tactile products. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular design trends that are being adopted by woven label manufacturers right now.

Less is more

As with all labels, a simple, well-balanced design often works best – especially if your illustrations are visually straightforward. (Plus, simpler designs will often be smaller, which makes them a great choice if you want custom woven labels that are more discreet.)

Easy logo looks

One of the easiest ways to KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) is to opt for a woven label that contains your company’s logo – and nothing else. It will ensure your creations are free from aesthetic clutter, and your products are immediately recognisable, even from afar.

Black and white

Two-tone templates deliver maximum impact without the need for multi-coloured threads. For enhanced drama, try adding a thick black border; it will immediately add a more theatrical touch!

Going for gold

Whether you go with an all-gold base, or just weave a few metallic touches into your lettering or logo outline, a little bit of gilded embroidery will be sure to leave you with woven labels that are fit for kings and queens.

Rustic charm

The look of your woven label will ultimately come down to its weave type. Taffeta delivers a slightly more rustic, lo-fi effect that lends itself well to brands that are a little more rough-and-ready.

Glossy glamour

If you’re looking for a higher end finish, try satin woven labels, which have a smoother, shinier texture. Bear in mind, however, that satin labels can usually only be made with black or white bases.

High-definition damask

Damask-style labels are ideal for showcasing more intricate artwork, as they use finer yarns with a higher warp density. They are also the easiest label to work with when it comes to displaying important product and aftercare information. This is probably why they are one of the most commonly seen woven labels in the UK, especially amongst our High Street retailers.

For more information on the latest innovations in woven label design, contact Hallmark Labels today. We can work with you to produce totally bespoke woven labels that complement your branding and provide the right aesthetic to your garments.

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