Product of the year: woven labels

Have a browse through our website, and you’ll see that we offer all kinds of incredible labelling and merchandising products to help our customers boost their corporate image and find innovative ways to engage their customers with their brand. 

However, one product in particular has proven to be extremely popular with manufacturers and retailers this year. 

Our woven labels are, hands down, one of 2020’s best sellers. Boasting incredible eco-friendly properties, and being just as customisable and malleable as the rest of our printed label range, it’s no wonder that they have been flying off the shelves in the last few months.  

We have been through the various benefits of woven labels in a previous post – but if you’re new to these nifty labelling alternatives, here’s a quick recap for you:

They offer brands lots of style options

You can choose between damask labels, satin labels and taffeta labels, depending on the look you want to go for. Your decision will come down to two main factors: how intricate your label design is, and how much you want to spend. Contact the team here at Hallmark for more information on the yarns and thicknesses available. 

They can be produced a wide range of finishes

Whether you’re creating a garment that just needs a standard style label, or you need to attach a label to a slightly more unusual setup, you can rest assured there’s a woven label fold to suit virtually any design. From loop folds to end folds, mitre folds to heat sealed options, you can explore all kinds of options to ensure your label fits seamlessly and discreetly into your piece. 

They add a unique texture to any garment or accessory

Lots of our customers prefer woven labels over traditional printed labels because they are more tactile to the touch. The layered texture they bring to the table adds class and elegance to more premium items, too. 

They’re more durable than many of their printed counterparts

Their enhanced aesthetics don’t affect the durability and washability of woven labels. They will keep their colour for a long time, and they won’t warp out of shape after a few spins in the washing machine, either! 

They’re still surprisingly cost-effective

It’s difficult to believe, but despite their many advantages, woven labels are still a cost-efficient option for businesses. They are slightly more expensive to manufacture, yes – but not to the point where they end up out of reach for image-conscious fashion and retail brands. 

Best of all…

…If you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint and explore more environmentally friendly ways of producing the materials you need to make your business a success, you’ll LOVE the fact that we offer woven labels manufactured using recycled threads. Incorporate these labels into your offering, and you’ll be doing your bit to keep waste out of landfill (and you’ll impress your eco-conscious customer base, too. Click for more on how you can save the planet, one label at a time!

Like what you’ve heard? Get in touch with our staff to discuss the advantages of woven labels in more detail and discuss how these beautiful, durable and sustainable products can be designed into your new or current range. 

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