Transform your customer journeys with label QR codes

Have you ever considered adding QR codes to your bespoke labels? Here’s the case for using these nifty little tools in your labelling strategy!

How do QR codes work?

Most of us have used QR codes in the past – but how did they come about, and what are they capable of?

Well, QR codes – aka Quick Response codes – have actually been around since 1994, but they weren’t used commercially until the 2010s.

They are made up of a variety of black and white squares (or pixels) that are set into a grid format. When this grid is scanned with a smartphone camera, this barcode of sorts will direct the user to data they can read, view, or interact with. For example, a QR code might link to a website landing page, an app, a phone number, or up to 4,000 characters of text on a topic that’s important to the end user.

Recycled swing tags
Recycling Products Concept. Organic Cotton Recycled Cloth. Zero Waste Materials. Environment Care, Reuse, Renewable for Sustainable Lifestyle. Using Mobile Phone to Scan on Tag for more Information

The benefits of QR labels

  • They provide companies – and particularly retailers – with a quick and convenient way to share important information about their products. Rather than displaying a URL that the customer will need to type into their device manually, QR codes take this time-consuming step out of the process and make the information accessible within a split second.

  • They can be used to boost the interactivity element of a campaign, drawing the customer into the company’s brand journey.

  • From our perspective as a manufacturer, their simple design can be easily replicated on pretty much any fabric or surface, making them incredibly versatile. QR codes can be added to wash care labels, swing tickets, branded boxes, printed bags, and most other promotional products with ease.

Uses for QR codes on labels

It might not be the most common way to use them (yet!), but QR codes can be printed directly onto cotton labels or labels made from recycled polyester satin. Our machines have the capabilities to do this.

We’ve found that are customers are increasingly asking us to add QR codes to the labels that are being sewn into their garments or accessories in order to: 

  • Share more specific product information
  • Share specific wash care information
  • Redirect the customer straight to the brand’s website (or a particular landing page)
  • Link to another one of their marketing assets, such as a mobile app or a digital game
  • Share details of an exclusive offer or discount

Speak to our team today about how you might be able to use QR codes within your promotional strategy. You’ll also find more of our musings on QR codes here.

Whether you’re keen to incorporate them into your labelling strategy, add them to other types of branded merchandise, or just can’t decide how they fit into your marketing mix, we can always help you come up with a solution that supports a smoother journey and richer brand experience for your customers!

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