Printed ribbons: forever unique and versatile

We’ve seen a huge increase in orders for our custom printed ribbons and anti-return sashes recently, and we think it’s because they truly are one of the most versatile and attention-grabbing merchandise types on the market.
Beautiful, tactile and easily incorporated into all kinds of packaging setups, our printed ribbons are gaining popularity amongst designers, manufacturers and retailers who want to slash their returns and at the same time enhance their customer’s experience of their brand and remain front of mind in an increasingly competitive space. 

They’re suitable for multiple applications

Many of the big online retailers use these printed sashes to stop people from wearing a garment out once and then returning it – a problem that has blighted the industry over the recent years. You can close the loop or fasten to the garment using a variety of methods, including stitching the sash into a seam, stitching the two ends together, or by using a press-stud.
Printed ribbons can also be used to personalise virtually any kind of product or packaging. Their shiny exteriors lend undeniable class to gifts, gift boxes, wine bottles and larger swing tickets. We’ve even seen them used as charity awareness ribbons and entry bands for corporate events. 

They boast a luxurious texture

The smooth, silky nature of printed ribbons means they add will a touch of sophistication to any label, bag or box. They’re the ideal choice if you want your products to deliver a premium look and feel, and their tactile nature means your consumers will be engaging with them for much longer than a typical cotton or woollen tie.  

They’re always affordable

They may look incredible, but our custom printed sashes are more competitively priced than you think. Contact your team with your ribbon requirements and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by the low cost of these must-have items. Plus, of course, the more you buy, the more you save – so order in bulk and you’ll gain access to even more fantastic discounts. 

Product specifications

We can supply ribbons in plain or unbranded format if needs be – but where’s the fun in that?! For a small one-off cost, you can add your own logo to your sashes and develop a smart piece of customised merchandise that will be sure to turn heads. We have a wide range of colours available and can work with your own graphics to ensure brand consistency across all your sashes (and, for that matter, your other promotional items). If you need help coming up with a template that works well in ribbon format, our in-house design team will be happy to help. 
Our ribbons are 25mm in width and can be cut to any length. Our customers typically order 500m, 1000m or 2500m rolls – but we really can tailor the product to suit your individual needs. 
Please note that we are unable to accept returns if your ribbon has been tampered with. 

How to buy

Our standard lead times for these products are famously short. Under usual circumstances, you can expect to receive your customised ribbons in as little as 3-5 days. You can learn more about our turnaround times and find answers to other commonly asked questions here.
Contact a member of the Hallmark team today to discuss your requirements and place your order. Alternatively, you can email us with your enquiry via our Contact page

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