Meet two long-serving staff members at Hallmark

At Hallmark, we take every opportunity to celebrate our employees – so we thought it was about time we shone the spotlight on two of our longest-serving members of staff: Danny and Daniel!

Danny and Daniel have worked with our label manufacturing company for 17 and 16 years respectively, so they’ve certainly clocked up a colossal number of working hours between them! They play a vital role in the seamless creation of our wash care labels, woven labels, clothing swing tags, and other custom printed merchandise, plus some of the larger items in our product portfolio.  

Read on to learn more about these hardworking members of our production team, and the roles they play in keeping our operations running smoothly from day to day.

Danny Sheptuha

Meet Danny Sheptuha, our Rotary Manager

Danny looks after the rotary department. He’s responsible for taking in orders from our sales team, making up printing plates according to our clients’ requirements, organising production, and all the quality control processes that need to take place at every stage of the print run.

Alongside his core responsibilities, Danny is also part of the team who looks after our onsite health and safety requirements. He ensures we have all the correct and up to date equipment. 

Danny loves being organised and in control of his operations. He thoroughly enjoys the responsibility of looking after the staff in his department and getting our clients’ orders out quickly and correctly. He loves the company culture here at Hallmark and really appreciates the fact it’s a family-run business with family-led values.

Outside of work, Danny plays football, loves running and spending time with his family. And if he didn’t work for us, he would love to go into something completely different and become a food critic!

Daniel White

Meet Daniel White, our Lithographic Manager

Daniel manages our lithographic department to make sure it is performing efficiently. He is on hand to receive orders from sales team, delegate work to staff, create litho printing plates, order raw materials, run colour checks, and, of course, operate our high technology offset printing machines.

Daniel loves manual work. He enjoys getting his hands dirty, particularly when it comes to mixing ink pantones and running the machines. He’s also passionate about machines and enjoys learning how they work so he can get the best out of them; he’s comfortable building and fixing all kinds of equipment.

He loves seeing the end product once it’s been created. Like the rest of our team, Daniel enjoys the general atmosphere at our HQ, and finds Hallmark a friendly and welcoming place to work. Outside of work, Daniel loves fishing, travelling, and watching any kind of sport. In fact, if he needed to switch jobs and pursue another career, he’d happily become a football pundit!

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