A closer look at Hallmark’s process

There are plenty of companies here in the UK that specialise in producing quality labels and printed merchandise for brands both large and small. But you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive service with one of our competitors. Here’s what makes Hallmark’s service so special – and what you can expect when you partner with us!

One dedicated point of contact

One of our representatives will manage your entire request from start to finish. This means you can always speak to the same person regarding any aspect of your order or your account, from the moment you ask us for a quote through to the minute your products land on your doorstep.

We receive excellent feedback on this aspect of our approach, as it makes our clients feel like they’re really being looked after from day one.

UK manufacturing resources

Unlike many other businesses in our sector, we keep production of our labels and packaging in-house wherever possible – particularly when it comes to creating our wash care labels, swing tags, retail boxes, and thank you cards.

Our HQ in Loughton employs more than 30 manufacturing and administrative staff, who work tirelessly to meet our customers’ requirements day in, day out. Having a local presence ensures we can keep transportation costs to a minimum and control more of our shipping processes. You can learn more about our UK manufacturing facilities here.

Robust quality control

You can trust Hallmark to ensure your order is perfect, every single time. We can QC extremely seriously and will often be seen double (and triple) checking our clients’ orders before they leave our factory.

Here’s a snap of Kate carrying out final checks on a client’s order of branded mailing bags before it gets shipped off.

Free artwork design service

Not sure how well your design is going to translate into print? Got no experience in formatting? No problem! Our in-house team can artwork your label or packaging to make sure everything is neat, tidy, and compliant before your items get produced.

We’ll also make sure any graphics supplied are of the required quality, so you’re guaranteed a smart, crisp finish. We will supply print-ready PDFs so you can review your design and sign it off before we move to the next stage.

As you can see, Hallmark are here to support you every step of the way. We have the capabilities to deal with boutique brands and larger, more complex orders alike – but the key thing is, every project will be approached positively and pragmatically, and you’re guaranteed a stellar experience when you liaise with our expert team.

For more information on our service, our process, our product MOQs and more, please contact us directly on 020 8532 0620. Alternatively, you can find answers to our commonly asked questions over on our Support page.

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