Low MOQs now available on our Kraft bags!

You’re not seeing things – we really have reduced the minimum order quantities (MOQs) on our Kraft carrier bags and Kraft mailer bags!

Now, you only need to order 200 pcs to start utilising the many advantages of Kraft items within your business.

As we recently outlined in this article about the many benefits of Kraft materials, brands and customers love this unique type of packaging because it takes their branding campaigns back to basics – and there are added eco credentials to consider, too.

It’s recyclable – As long as any plastic windows or coatings are removed from the packaging, Kraft bags and boxes can be recycled very easily.

It will biodegrade – Making Kraft materials a fantastic choice for those who don’t want the guilt of knowing their product packaging will just be ending up in landfill.

It can be reused by people at home – Anyone in need of a strong, durable storage solution for all sorts of household items will be able to make good use of Kraft bags and boxes once they have fulfilled their first purpose.

It can be printed any which way you like – Its design is simple, and there will be plenty of space on any Kraft box or bag for your own brand graphics. Keep things minimalist with your logo and website URL, or use your blank canvas as a home for more information about your business’s mission and values, or perhaps even more complex illustrations that are bound to catch the eye of everyone who buys from you.

You’ll find plenty of reasons to invest in paper mailing bags on our website. And, at Hallmark, we don’t just produce Kraft bags and boxes. Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown of the other Kraft items in our range, including our Kraft swing tags and packaging tape.

Got a question for us? You’ll find contact details for all our key members of staff here. Alternatively, just call us on 0208 532 0620 and we’ll put you through to the representative who is best placed to answer your query and get you a quote for your next Kraft order.

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