How to give your clothing brand a premium edge

A brand is considered premium if it’s desired by the market. This desirability means it can command a higher price point than its competitors.

As a fashion designer, retailer or manufacturer, you need to make your customers fall in love with your products if you want to encourage repeat business. Developing a premium brand identity is a sure-fire way to encourage a more emotional response to your designs and make buyers feel like they’re purchasing something truly unique.

Because ultimately, consumers want instant gratification from their purchase. They want to feel like they’ve invested in something that gives them a sense of newfound status.

Don’t mistake luxury brands for premium brands

Luxury brands are not to be confused with premium brands. Luxury brands rely on their identities to command higher-end prices; premium brands still bring something special to the market, but they deliver the best features at the best possible value. They’re superior – but crucially, they are still accessible.

Nike is a fantastic example of a premium brand. It’s setting benchmarks within the sportswear industry for the heavily researched product features it brings to the market – but its items are still within reach of the average consumer who wants to pay slightly higher for what they consider to be premium-grade clothing and accessories. 

Communicating quality through branded merchandise

If you want to create a premium brand, you need to meet the significantly higher expectations of your customers by creating a flawless brand experience. And part of this involves re-considering every aspect of your products’ design and packaging – from the wash care labels you use within your garments, to the hangers that frame your creations in-store. 

Here’s an example for you. Standard printed labels will fit neatly into the hem, collar or seam of your garments. They’ll typically contain your logo, a little bit about the origin of the piece, and care instructions. They’re practical, discreet. They do what they need to do.  But upgrade your standard labels to woven labels, and you’ll immediately add a touch of luxury to your items. These labels will stand out to the consumer; they’re thicker, more tactile, and they can be created using a wide variety of weaves and finishes, allowing you to create a look that best represents your brand image. 

Stock hangers are an essential purchase for any brick-and-mortar fashion store. But do the cheaper, standard frame plastic hangers really ooze glamour and sophistication? Or would sturdier wooden hangers, complete with your company’s logo, do a better job of communicating the quality of your products to buyers?

Here’s some more food for thought. Packaging your items in plain shopping bags will allow your customer to carry their new purchases away fuss-free. But what if you could deliver a real sense of exclusivity with a colourful, custom printed bag that’s immediately recognisable as belonging to your brand? 

If you’re keen to give your brand a premium edge by investing in great quality promotional merchandise, Hallmark can help. Call us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and get premium-style inspiration from a team with decades of combined experience in delivering exceptional labelling and merchandising solutions to fashion businesses.

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