Enhance your custom printed boxes

With the advent of new printing technologies, there are now plenty of creative options for companies who want to elevate their branding strategy and invest in packaging solutions that will cement them in the minds of their audience.

Custom printed boxes will never go out of fashion. Sturdy, robust and designed to fit neatly around their cargo, these secure cardboard receptacles will ensure your goods and samples arrive safely at their intended destination. And the best part is, they can be covered in your own company designs, making them an important branding tool in their own right – as soon as the box lands on the customer’s doorstep, they’ll know it’s from you and they’ll be desperate to uncover what’s inside!

We often create bespoke printed boxes for retailers and mail order companies that regularly ship out goods to customers. However, we can create this kind of merchandise for practically any purpose; we’ve fulfilled many orders for custom-printed gift boxes, jewellery boxes, chocolate sleeves and even Easter egg packaging! Regardless of your needs, we’re confident we can design and produce custom printed boxes that will really get your customers talking. 

Simplicity = impact

In many cases, when it comes to printing custom-branded boxes, it’s best to keep things simple. Busy, overly complicated designs can confuse the eye and leave the recipient feeling a little overwhelmed by all your creative ideas. 

Leaving plenty of white space on your custom printed boxes will give them a classy, elegant look, while using bold lettering and legible typefaces will make sure that your brand name and strapline are easy to read and recognise. This recent ecommerce order from Playa Playa Beachwear proves that less really can be more – the brand name’s playful font contrasts well with the lower part of the logo. These gorgeous ‘thank you’ boxes for Fitted.online ooze class thanks to the drama of black on white. 

We offer a whole host of special effects for our printed box designs, too. 

If you’re not willing to settle for a standard-style custom printed box design, leave it to us to come up with something truly unique. At Hallmark Labels, we can apply a range of exciting special effects to your merchandise to give it the ‘wow’ factor. 

We can supply textured boards for a more tactile feel, we can laminate some or all of the product, and we can even apply spot UV to make certain elements of your design ‘pop’ from the material. We also recently added a touch of luxury to a set of box sleeves for a renowned lash supplier by incorporating lush gold foil into the design.

Check out our Instagram feed for many more examples of how our customers are using our beautiful custom printed boxes to take their branding to the next level. And if you like what you see, remember that the team at Hallmark Labels are always ready to discuss ideas for your next batch of printed gift boxes or transit boxes. We offer low minimum quantities for our branded boxes, so we can help out even if you’re only planning a seasonal promotion or a small campaign. 

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