Best-in-class packaging for your pet business!

Our team has been around for a while, and we’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go during our decades of trading.

One thing we’ve noticed is that there appears to have been a boom in pet-related businesses in the last few years. It seems that many of us want to spoil our furry friends in new and unusual ways, especially post-pandemic – and there’s a growing demand for solutions in this space as a result!

We’ve been approached by many pet-focused entrepreneurs who are looking for smart and eye-catching ways to promote their wares, whether they’re selling food products, collars, fashion bandanas, or something else entirely. 

As an example, here’s the brilliant brand packaging we recently put together for The Dog Shack. The company was established in 2018 and brings a huge selection of doggy accessories to the UK market, including their clever adjustable harnesses.

As you can see, after speaking with us at length about what they need, the marketing team at The Dog Shack opted for a fun, colourful design that is in line with their overall branding and makes the most of the space available on their custom packaging.

The Dog Shack’s customers’ pooches are loving their new looks, as you’ll see from this brief video, which was originally posted over on our Instagram page.

If you are the owner or founder of a pet-related business and you’re keen to improve your packaging or merchandising strategy for 2024, the consultants here at Hallmark Labels can help you in a range of ways.

Our excellent catalogue spans everything you’ll need to make an impact in this competitive sector, from printed self-adhesive labels that can be used for all kinds of applications, all the way through to mailing bags and boxes, retail bags and boxes, and even printed tissue and packaging tape. With low minimum order quantities (MOQs) available on many of our products, we make experimenting with new ideas incredibly affordable for small to mid-sized businesses – and we can even provide design advice and support for companies that don’t have this kind of specialist expertise in-house.

Whether you’re blazing a new trail in the pet industry or representing a completely different field of expertise, Hallmark is here for you. Contact our sales team directly to discuss your requirements and get help creating beautiful, functional, eco-friendly packaging that will give your branding the glow-up it deserves.

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