5 genius uses for printed labels

In many cases, printed labels are produced to serve a clear purpose in our clients’ promotional and packaging strategies. But sometimes, these labels can be used more creatively to capture the attention of customers or deliver key messages to a distinct audience.

1. Adding pizzazz to promotional packaging

Want to add your branding to otherwise plain bags, boxes, and tissue paper, without investing in a whole new set of printed goods? A branded sticker can be used to fasten packaging together or bring a splash of professionalism to your designs. This is a great option if you have already purchased plain products and want to make the most of them without breaking the bank.

2. Seasonal stickers

Want to mark the change in season, but don’t want to reprint all your promotional merchandise to reflect an event or a campaign? Stickers are the answer! We can easily design themed printed labels that can be adhered to bags, boxes, and envelopes to mark specific times of the year (such as Halloween or Christmas). If you want to go one step further, you could even ask us to produce seasonal printed ribbons or printed swing tags to complete your themed look.

3. Go guerrilla

There’s a real trend at the moment for creating bespoke branded stickers that your customers can use at their leisure. Perfect for use within any guerrilla marketing strategy, printed labels and stickers can be made up with your logo or a unique slogan that will immediately catch the attention of prospective customers. It’s a low cost, high visibility option for getting your name and your mission out there in an out-of-the-box way. For even more impact, make sure your stickers contain your website address, social media handles, or even a QR code that directs people to extra content or an exclusive special offer.

4. A fun addition to any wedding

From easy-to-apply name tags for stag or hen dos to custom printed stickers that can be used across wedding stationery, table decorations and even wedding favours, labels can be produced en masse to serve any purpose on, before, or after your special day. They should definitely be considered by professional wedding planners who are keen to find new and interesting ways to make their clients’ experiences unique.

5. Targeted health messaging

On a slightly more serious note, let’s take a look at what’s happening over in Canada. Soon, the Canadian government will ensure that every single cigarette contains a warning label; smokers will be faced with slogans such as ‘poison in every puff’ each time they light up. The move was announced last year by Health Canada and the regulations are set to be phased in from 1st August this year. While some tobacco smokers won’t be too thrilled by the news, it’s certainly a genius way to get Health Canada’s message in front of the masses – quite literally! 

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