Why choose woven labels?

How are woven labels produced?

These types of labels are weaved using yarns of varying textures, depending on the look and feel you want to go for. They are then integrated into the fabric of the garment using a range of folding techniques. 

There are three main types: damask labels, satin labels and taffeta labels.

  • Damask garment labels give better clarity of print, which means they’re best suited to finer, more intricate designs. They’re also incredibly durable thanks to their higher weave density. 
  • Satin labels offer that sought after smooth, shiny appearance that’s in high demand amongst premium brands. They can’t be printed with overly detailed designs, but they will add a definite touch of luxury to your garments! 
  • Taffeta labels are woven with a plain weave ground or base to produce a tight weave structure. They’re a solid, long-lasting option for companies that want to keep production costs down. 

The advantages of woven labels

Regardless of the type of woven label you choose, you can guarantee that your purchase will deliver a richer, more sophisticated look than standard printed labels. Woven labels are perfect for adding a touch of understated class to your branding and will reinforce the premium quality of your products.  

Unlike other types of printed merchandise, these labels won’t fade in the wash, which means they’ll retain their look and feel for many years. And, as you’d expect, woven labels can be completely customised to showcase your brand in its finest light. 

The only ‘downside’ of woven labels is that they are often a little more expensive to produce – but they are still cost-effective for companies that want to deliver consistent, high end brand communications. 

What kinds of finishes can be achieved?

The finish of your label will determine how it will be attached to your garment or accessory. Generally, you can choose from the following options:

Loop fold

Loop folded woven labels are normally added to the backs of jumpers and t-shirts. They’re one of our most-requested items because they offer a large usable surface area. 

End fold

A flap will be folded back on both ends of the label to make it easy to sew the label into the piece of clothing. Typically, end folded woven labels will be found in shirt collars.

Mitre fold

Perfect for softer garments, mitre folded labels provide an angled finish. They are folded at both ends at a 45-degree angle, then normally sewn into the seam of a garment. 

Heat sealed

These types of woven labels are applied to the garment directly, then sealed to eliminate tags. 

Want to learn more about the variety of woven labels on offer from Hallmark?

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly talk you through the various qualities, weaves and finishes that are available. We can help you select the features that will best suit your brand image, then work with you to produce stunning bespoke woven labels that will add style and value to your product range. 

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