Showcasing some of our latest branded items

Here’s a quick look at some of the latest products to grace our collection that you may not have seen mentioned across our website and our social media channels. 

Branded sleeves

This type of custom cardboard packaging is ideal for gift boxes, jewellery boxes and chocolate boxes; the kinds of items that need a slimmer protective layer in place of a bulkier design. As always, our branded sleeves can be designed and manufactured to your precise specifications to help you achieve your desired look. 

Branded packing tape

All too often, brands forget that they can add a little magic to their everyday packaging staples! We can print your logo or bespoke designs onto fully functional packing tape to leave no part of your bag, box or other branded merchandise without added sparkle. Best of all, our branded packing tape is available in a relatively low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 36 rolls. 

Plastic security seals

They’re the must-haves that often get overlooked in terms of their aesthetic appeal – but our team can add extra pizazz to your plastic security tags, taking them from a non-descript purchase to a truly complimentary component within your branding strategy. 

Anti-return items

These small but important tags are your best friend in the fight against return fraud. They can be printed with your choice of colours, wording, and illustrations, and are available in 500m, 1000m and 2500m rolls (although bespoke cuts can be provided on request). Check out the many benefits of investing in anti-return ribbons and sashes in one of our previous blog posts. 

Loyalty cards & Thank You notes

Keep your customers coming back for more with fully branded loyalty slips – or you can choose to include a simple yet effective Thank You note in every shipment to show your buyers just how much they mean to you! We can even create scented cards, so the recipient is quite literally met with the aroma of your brand as soon as they open their order.  

Patch labels

These grunge-inspired, incredibly tactile labels can be sewn into or ironed onto your garments and accessories as a flush alternative to our standard self-adhesive labelswoven labels and clothing swing tags. They’re chic yet casual, and the perfect choice for branding that doesn’t try too hard. 

You can learn more about our wider range of custom-designed merchandise here. Better still, why not contact our team directly to find out how we can tailor these incredible products to meet your promotional needs? Call us on 0208 532 0620 or email

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