Perfectly printed corrugated boxes!

What can printed corrugated boxes be used for? 

Corrugated boxes are a familiar sight in warehouses and shipping depos across the country. These simple yet effective delivery devices are most commonly used to transport goods from brands that sell online, but they also provide suitable protection for more delicate merchandise sold in brick-and-mortar shops. 

They can be used to house all sorts of products, from health and beauty products to footwear and fashion items. Their moisture-repelling properties ensure they’re suitable for food items, too. 

Why are corrugated boxes so popular?

Corrugated packaging boxes are quickly becoming the packaging material of choice for eco-conscious retailers not only here in the UK, but around the world. Both robust and lightweight, corrugated cardboard is surprisingly durable and works to keep your goods clean, dry and well-protected during transit – plus, as we’ll discuss later on, it can be completely customised to suit your branding needs. 

Printed corrugated boxes are also gaining popularity because they appeal to companies that are trying to reduce the impact of their production methods on the environment. As long as the paper used to create the cardboard is ethically sourced, these products are a decidedly eco-friendly option; and from the customer’s point of view, they are also fairly easy to reuse and recycle.  

How to design the perfect corrugated box

The malleable nature of the cardboard used within the manufacture of corrugated boxes ensures that this merchandise can be easily customised, paving the way for limitless design opportunities for brands who want to leave a lasting impression on their target market.  

The great thing is, you can be as wild or as conservative with your designs as you like when it comes to creating your printed corrugated box. Many of our customers favour a plain base and a simple logo over a full-blown, multi-coloured print – but thanks to contemporary printing processes, the sky really is the limit when it comes to applying bespoke graphics to the shell of each box. Block colours can be applied to the inside and outside of the product, and if needs be, your own illustrations can be added to the box in a way that complements its shape and size. 

The cardboard can be folded virtually any which way, too, which means you’re not restricted to standard shapes and can experiment with more unusual formats.

Ready to start designing your new printed merchandise?

The team at Hallmark Labels have helped countless companies create beautiful, durable and wonderfully eco-friendly printed corrugated boxes that meet their branding and shipping requirements. If you’d like to discuss your options in more detail, or run your ideas past experienced designers and printers, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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