How to get your mailers to stand out

By this point in 2021, many within the retail industry were hoping that restrictions would have eased, and people would have been allowed back into stores to browse at their leisure so brick-and-mortar stores could continue to recover from what has been a shocking twelve months all round for the economy. But non-essential shops are set to remain closed for at least a few more weeks here in the UK, which means the heightened demand for online shopping isn’t going anywhere soon. 

Most companies have managed the transition to ecommerce well. After all, these days it’s relatively easy to set up an online shop and manage orders and requests via the web. But one of the biggest challenges facing digital adopters is how to ensure their products stay beautiful and remain recognisable in what seems to be an ocean of other boxes and bags; in other words, how to come up with branded mailouts that do the job and look the part. 

How we can help you transform your boxes and bags into powerful marketing tools

Recently, Hallmark has worked with many brands that have been looking to spruce up their custom packaging boxes and custom printed bags to make their brand stand out in the post and, of course, deliver a more robust and impressive experience to their online customers, who want to feel well-looked-after even if they’re dealing with their business from a distance. 

So, we’re perfectly equipped to assist with developing quality, on-brand mailers that have been designed with your specific products in mind. 

Our corrugated mailing boxes are ideal for transporting any item from factory to front door. From designer clothes to luxury chocolates, we’ve created postal boxes for all kinds of product providers, and we can use our state-of-the-art in-house technology to apply your bespoke design to boxes of any shape and size. These cardboard creations are a much more eco-conscious alternative to plastic mail-outs, and they can be reused and recycled once they’ve served their original purpose, too. 

If custom printed mailing bags are better suited to your needs, rest assured you can take your pick from a brilliant selection of branded solutions, which can be manufactured using biodegradable materials and produced with bubble linings to keep your goods safe and secure in transit. 

And don’t forget, you can add some fabulous extras to your personalised mailing bags or boxes to enhance these assets even further. Take our printed tissue paper, for instance. It’s eye-catching, it’s tactile, and it can provide you with yet another way to present your brand identity to the people that buy from you. We offer incredibly short lead times on these particular products; in fact, we can usually design and supply you with your very own custom branded tissue paper in less than a fortnight. 

You could also try slipping one of our custom Thank You cards and promo cards into your package for fast, easy, fully branded communication, or including a loyalty card in a bid to capture that all-important repeat business! 

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