Branded Tissue

Our printed tissue paper is widely used by retail outlets of all sizes who favour wrapping their product at the store’s payment counter.

Personalised tissue paper has luxury appeal yet also provides essential protection to the goods housed inside your carrier bag or box.

It has a premium quality feel and is also often used by brands as part of their retail packaging strategy. It’s an ideal dust protector for ceramics, jewellery, glass products and gifts – but more than this, from a design and branding perspective, printed tissue paper is a versatile product with several design options available.

At Hallmark, we charge a one-off initial cost to create the printing plates (subject to how many colours you choose). But when they are made, the unit cost of printed tissue paper is surprisingly competitive. The standard sheet size for printed tissue paper is 500x750mm but we can manufacture and cut it to almost any preferred size. 

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