5 simple yet effective uses for recycled card

If you’re a customer of ours – or even just a regular visitor to our blog! – you’ll know that the team here at Hallmark is passionate about providing companies with increasingly eco-friendly labelling and branding solutions. 

From branded corrugated boxes to custom printed bags and everything in between, we’ve developed a brilliant range of environmentally friendlier products to help retailers, designers, manufacturers and other product-based businesses deliver on their brand promise whilst keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. 

We’ve seen an increase in demand for sustainably sourced recycled card within our products, so we thought we’d share with you our top 5 straightforward uses for this affordable material, which we think can easily be incorporated into any merchandising strategy! 

1. Product packaging

Whether wrapped around a presentation box or used to bind together soft accessories, recycled cardboard is just as robust and versatile as brand new packaging materials. Give it a go, and we promise you’ll never look back – especially when you’ve got access to a whole host of exciting design and finish options. 

2. Gift boxes

When designed well and printed to a high quality standard, reused materials can be used to produce stunning looking gift and presentation boxes that will add a touch of glamour to any purchase. 

3. Shipping boxes

They’re hardy yet lightweight; they’re simple yet effective. Shipping boxes made from recycled card often tick all the boxes as far as our customers are concerned – and they can be recycled and reused by the recipient, too, meaning they’ll likely go on to become something else once they’ve transported your goods from A to B. 

4. Swing tickets and tags

Swing tickets can be as simple or as complex as you like in terms of their design. But if you’re serious about putting your environmental responsibilities at the heart of your branding and packaging strategy, you should be requesting that all your garment tags are made from recycled cardboard instead of recently manufactured materials. Hallmark is proud to offer FSC approved board for swing tags. 

5. Branded ‘thank you’ cards

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. But what if you could impress shoppers further by keeping your ‘thank you’ cards environmentally friendly, too? Recycled cardboard can be printed into beautiful token notes and popped into all your shipments to remind your customers you’re grateful for their custom (and you’re serious about sticking to your environmental policy).  

Keen to start incorporating recycled card and other sustainably sourced materials into your packaging, but not sure where to start? Contact Hallmark! Our fully trained and experienced staff are a dab hand at producing branded merchandise that is legally compliant as well as ethically produced, and they’re great at coming up with unique design ideas to keep your products looking fresh.

Learn more about our label printing services and merchandising solutions here, or contact us directly for a no-obligation chat. 

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