What to look for in your label supplier

If we’ve learned anything during our time in business, it’s that many of our customers wish they’d found Hallmark sooner!

We’re not usually ones for singing our own praises, but we have worked extremely hard in the last few years to develop services that meet our partners’ needs and create a brand these companies can rely on.

We’ve listened to the market to learn what businesses expect from UK label suppliers like us – and we have invested in the equipment, the people, and the processes to ensure our labelling and merchandising offering is one of the most impressive (and competitive) in the country.

Based on our own experience of what works in our industry (and what doesn’t), here’s what we believe you should be looking for in your next label supplier – and why we believe Hallmark ticks all the boxes.

Compliance expertise

No idea what you should be putting on your new labels? We can help! Our team has an in-depth understanding of the practical and legal aspects of label design, ensuring your products not only look their best, but are totally compliant and offer maximum value to the recipient.

A willingness to explore new creative ideas

We appreciate that standing out from the crowd is more important than it’s ever been, particularly in crowded retail and FMCG sectors. So, if you’re after out-the-box thinking, you can rely on Hallmark to come up with something special for any product, in any size, in any format.

And because our range goes beyond ‘traditional’ merchandise (such as printed labels, woven labels and swing tickets, all of which are considered brand staples these days), we can often suggest a product you might not have thought of to fulfil your wider creative vision. For example, our custom thank you cards are a smart and relatively cost-effective addition to any sales strategy, while we’ll often recommend additional items such as our printed tissue paper, packaging tape and custom printed ribbons to make your packaging really pop.

Branded thank you cards
Branded thank you cards

Design expertise

It’s great to know that outsourcing your design requirements is always possible with Hallmark! Many of our customers do not have design skills in-house, so are keen to make the most of our artworkers’ own experience. Having a well-honed creative eye really helps us deliver one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Eco-friendly options

From sourcing a greater selection of recycled and recyclable materials to teaching our customers how to ship their items more sustainably, we’ve stopped at nothing to make sure our products and our operations are as green as they can be. This is partly because we ourselves are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, but also because we see just how much sustainability matters to our customers.

National reach

Wherever you are in the UK, we can help you. We are very much a nationwide label supplier and we’re proud to work with so many different companies in so many geographical areas.

A global presence

As well as covering the whole of the UK and producing a high proportion of our orders at our HQ in Essex, we also operate various factories abroad, in locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Istanbul. This put us at an advantage during the coronavirus pandemic, when the international supply chain was under unprecedented pressure, and we had several options for order fulfilment.

A finger on the pulse

As a company, we are always searching for more efficient ways of doing things to benefit our customers – and we are constantly keeping an eye on global trends and developments to ensure we stay one step ahead of what’s happening in our sector and the economy as a whole. You’ll find lots of insights and updates in our News section.

Branded Mailing Boxes
Branded Mailing Boxes

Low MOQs

A lot of label suppliers and manufacturers will only offer high minimum order quantities (MOQs) on their products, because they cannot justify the costs involved in pulling together smaller batches. At Hallmark, we’re different. We strive to make our products as accessible as possible by keeping MOQs down across the board. For example, the MOQ on our printed paper mailing bags is only 250, and similar for our branded mailing boxes. Elsewhere, you can order just 1000 organic cotton labels if you want to trial a new design without committing to a greater cost.

Printed Cotton Labels
Printed Cotton Labels

Fast turnarounds

Turnarounds will of course vary by product, but as a customer, you need to know that your label manufacturer has strong production and shipping processes in place, so you never wait longer for your goods than necessary. Our lead times vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks; please see each product page on our website for more information.

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