UK consumers more concerned about single-use plastic packaging than ever

A recent poll conducted by the environmental charity City to Sea has found that most consumers in this country – a whopping 83%, in fact – are worried about the amount of plastic that supermarkets use to package up their food products. This statistic marks a significant trend, because when the same question was asked to the control group back in 2021, only 75% of people expressed their concerns.

Concurrently, 64% of respondents were “motivated by the desire to reduce their use of single-use packaging when shopping for groceries. 

The poll also observed that more shoppers than ever are taking a responsible approach by using reusable bags. 65% of those questioned said they owned a reusable water bottle, too.

So, if the awareness is there, why aren’t customers doing even MORE to curb their single plastic use?

Well, it’s because there is a lack of sustainable alternatives, apparently. 

The poll results highlighted a need for brands to offer ‘refill and reduce’ packaging (ie, refillable containers that can be topped up from a dispenser for a reduced price). 71% of respondents said that they would “view brands and retailers much more favourably” if they introduced these kinds of measures, or allowed buyers to return reusable packaging to stores so it can be cleaned and repurposed.

As Jane Martin, Chief Executive at City to Sea, says, “businesses must have legislative support to meet consumer demand”. It’s no good simply asking individuals to change their age-old habits, especially if the provision isn’t there to support them – change has to be enforced, in a way that is practical and affordable for companies, of course.

We might be a little way off seeing refillable products in every store, and as a business owner, it might take you a few more years to fully implement greener practices and policies. But at least you know that when you order your brand packaging from Hallmark Labels, we’ve taken every possible step to reduce the impact these items will have on the planet.

For example, the materials used to manufacture our bespoke retail bags and branded boxes is responsibly sourced and fully recyclable. Online retailers will be pleased to hear that we offer a brilliant selection of eco-friendly printed mailing bags, which are created from FSC certified recycled paper, and we also offer Kraft packages if you’re looking for boxes and bags that will retain their durability yet degrade in just a matter of weeks. 

Partner with Hallmark Labels, and you’ll prove to your customers that you’re committed to lessening the amount of merchandise that ends up in landfill and reducing your company’s overall carbon footprint. And you can do all of this without breaking the bank! We offer competitive prices on all our products, and you can even take advantage of low MOQs on most items. Contact us for more information or to get free samples.

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