The key differences between printed labels and woven labels

As a designer, retailer, or manufacturer, you know that your products’ labels can have a huge impact on how your clothes or accessories are perceived.

And in an industry where image is everything – and competition for the “right” image is fierce – you need to make sure every last detail in your clothing oozes a premium finish to capture the attention of customers who are expecting a little bit more from their investments.

Custom printed labels do the job just fine. They’re practical, they’re discreet, and they are particularly versatile. But for a more sophisticated look and feel, we often advise our customers to go for woven labels instead.

To help you decide which option is best for your collection, we’ve put together a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of printed labels and woven labels.

Printed labels

Washcare labels
Washcare labels


  • Printed labels are available in a variety of materials, including cotton and luxurious satin
  • You can choose from black or white backgrounds
  • Printed labels support more complicated or advanced designs, meaning you can really go to town with your graphics, if you want to
  • They can be printed to quick turnarounds
  • Our MOQ for standard printed wash care labels is only 100 pieces per style
  • They are a cost-efficient option for budget-conscious companies


  • Their colour can begin to fade after multiple washes
  • They will lose their shape over time
  • They are typically made from thinner material with a more ‘basic’ look and feel

Woven labels

Branded woven labels
Branded woven labels


  • Woven labels are available in even more materials than their printed counterparts, including satin, damask, and taffeta
  • Woven labels can be attached via loop folds, end folds or mitre folds, or heat sealed in more hard-to-reach places
  • These labels are significantly more tactile than printed labels, offering a more sophisticated texture
  • They are very wash proof, and will keep their colour and shape for longer
  • Our woven labels can be manufactured using recycled threads, making them a much more sustainable choice
  • They boast a much more luxurious aesthetic


  • Certain woven label materials have design limitations; particularly intricate graphics can only be incorporated into labels of certain materials and thicknesses, and you can only use a maximum of 12 colours within any concept
  • They are slightly more expensive to produce (but still incredibly cost-effective for many brands!

Still not sure which type of label you should go for?

The expert team here at Hallmark Labels would love the chance to talk you through what’s available, and help you decide which of our label solutions will best suit your requirements.

We are highly experienced in finding creative solutions to common labelling challenges, so you can always rely on us to come up with a way forward that will suit your brand image AND enable you to stay within your budget.

Contact us here to get started.

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