The benefits of our versatile, affordable branded mailing boxes

Not using printed mailing boxes to send goods to your customers? You’re missing a trick!

This kind of durable and affordable packaging can be used not only to keep your products safe and secure during travel, but to quickly set your brand apart from the rest.

Here are just a few reasons why these items continue to fly off our production line, to customers large and small.

They are designed to provide lasting protection to your product

Tough, durable, adaptable, and easy to open and close, our mailing boxes made from corrugated cardboard are the perfect vessels for transporting even the most fragile of items to your customers directly. Corrugated boxes are stronger than standard cardboard boxes thanks to the concertina-style grooves, which provide added resistance to force.

They weigh virtually nothing

Despite having extra strength, these boxes are still one of the most lightweight mailing options for companies that want to save cash on courier fees. Expect to account for just a few ounces when you’re calculating your shipping costs (although the precise weight will of course depend on the size of the box). 

They are easy to customise

Like many of the items available from Hallmark, our custom printed boxes are available in any size, any colour, and any design, meaning it’s never been easier to create an entirely bespoke solution. Your logo, text or illustration can be added to the inside or outside of the box – or, in fact, both!

To give your boxes the extra edge (quite literally), you could also decide to experiment with more unusual and imaginative shapes. As long as we can maintain these boxes’ three-point closing system – where the top flap folds over the main box and tucks into itself, with two additional side wings – there’s plenty of flexibility in the way they can be configured.  

The advantage of working with our team is, we have decades of combined experience in coming up with new ideas for our clients. Work with us, and innovation is guaranteed, alongside consistently exceptional results.

They are 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Cardboard is a vital part of the circular economy. This is partly why it’s such a popular choice for businesses these days. Our branded boxes are completely recyclable and biodegradable, but they can also be repurposed by your customers at home and given a second or (maybe even third) life as something else entirely.

They are cheaper than you think

Regardless of the size, shape, and print aesthetic you go for, you can guarantee that investing in mailing boxes will be THE most cost-effective option for your business. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible – and with relatively low MOQs available on most of the products in our range, you’ll struggle to find a print partner that’s as accommodating and as competitively priced as Hallmark! Contact us today to see if our branded mailing boxes would be a good fit for your mailing requirements, and to get a tailored quote for your requirements from one of our sales representatives.

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