The benefits of manufacturing labels and merchandise in the UK

Did you know that Hallmark Labels runs a manufacturing site right here in the UK?

Many of our competitors outsource their production to other countries. While our overseas suppliers do take care of some orders, much of the design and printing of our clothing labels takes place at our own premises near London.

It’s an approach that allows us to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging market – particularly when it comes to price and speed of delivery. Read on to learn more about the various advantages of running a domestic factory, and what it means for you as a Hallmark customer.

What are the benefits of manufacturing our products locally?

We can keep tabs on our equipment, systems, processes, and staff

First of all, running our own label and merchandise manufacturing site means that we have much more control over the production process. We can monitor the quality of our output; we can make sure our staff have everything they need to perform at their best; and if anything unexpected happens, a member of our team can head straight down to our printing house to fix the problem straightaway.

We can make sure our team never cuts corners

We know exactly what kinds of materials are used in our manufacturing processes, so the quality of your products is always guaranteed. Plus, we can ensure that everyone who works for us does so in safe, hygienic, and comfortable conditions, and no dubious labour practices are taking place.

We can manufacture to very fast lead times

Our average lead time for custom printed labels and stickers that are produced in the UK is 24 hours. If you order swing tags or thank you cards from our UK base, you can expect them to take around two to three days to reach you. And, if you place a request for bespoke mailing boxes, these will usually be with you in around two to three weeks.

We can get your items to you much faster

Because we don’t need to worry about shipping costs on many of the items that we manufacture in the UK, we can produce smaller quantities for brands that want to try new products or simply enjoy lower MOQs. This means that much of our catalogue becomes a lot more accessible for start-ups or budget-conscious businesses. For example, if we were to import care labels from one of our global sites, the minimum order quantity would be likely to be around 5000 pieces. If we produce and ship the same items from our own factory, it’s just 100 pieces.

We can do our bit to keep our economy alive!

We’re doing everything we can to keep our business within England. By creating homegrown jobs, we can play our part in ensuring that local residents have access to more employment opportunities. This is something that’s particularly important to our management team and we find it incredibly fulfilling to be able to give back to our community in this way.

Click through to our About page for more information on our approach and our values as a company, including our commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious manner.

Branded thank you cards
Branded thank you cards

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