Tape up for a brand shape up!

As an ecommerce company – or a business that regularly ships out goods to its customers – you’re probably looking at ways to spruce up your boxes and bags so they deliver a stronger, more memorable brand experience to the people who buy from you. 

The design you choose for your packaging will have a direct impact on how your brand is perceived. If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to make your visuals stand out, have a read of our recent blog post. We also put together a piece on the mistakes that businesses often make when creating these all-important marketing tools.  

Though we’ve covered off a lot of ideas and solutions so far, we haven’t yet spoken to you about the many benefits of investing in bespoke printed tape! 

Branded tape will give your boxes a much more professional aesthetic – plus, they will help to keep the look of these shipping staples in line with the rest of your merchandise. 

The two main types of branded tape supplied by Hallmark Labels are Kraft tape and vinyl tape. These products are slightly different in their composition, but both can be fully customised with logos, messaging, and other graphics of your choice. They can be printed to create a wonderfully bespoke packaging solution that will add a whole new dimension to even the most average-looking boxes! 

Kraft tape

Kraft tape is the eco-friendlier option, as it’s made from a paper-based solution that is 100% biodegradable. Customers will not need to separate the tape from the cardboard when sending off the box to be recycled, either. 

It’s the ideal choice for businesses that ship out a lot of corrugated boxes, as it’s both tough and flexible enough to accommodate for the curves in the material. 

Vinyl tape

Vinyl tape delivers a good all-round performance with a signature sheen. It’s a notoriously strong adhesive that can resist breakages even when it’s placed under a lot of tension. It’s also suitable for use in a range of climates, meaning it’s often the first choice for food manufacturers who are packaging their items in cold or chilled environments. 

All our branded packing tape is available with a small MOQ of just 36 rolls, meaning even start-ups and smaller businesses can make the most of this nifty little product without spending a small fortune on larger runs. 

Not sure which tape will best suit your needs?

It’s a simple product, and a simple concept. However, packing tape does come in a variety of materials, all of which boast different characteristics and are better suited to certain applications. 

If you’re not sure whether you need to order Kraft tape, vinyl tape, or another type of tape altogether, speak to a member of our team, who will happily talk you through your options and help you settle on the right adhesive. You should also talk to our consultants about coming up with a beautiful, practical branded packing tape design; we offer an in-house design service for businesses that do not have this kind of expertise themselves. 

Remember, you can also check out our wider catalogue of branded products to find more genius ways of setting your merchandise apart from the competition!  

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