Spotlight on our organic cotton labels

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken to you about one of our most underrated yet impactful labelling products: cotton labels!

Clean, tactile, and beautifully soft, our organic cotton labels can be used to give your packaging that sought-after look of authenticity.

3 reasons why organic cotton labels are the better choice for your brand

1. They can be customised easily

In fact, they are just as receptive to printing techniques as our plastic labels range. You will be able to add a design of up to six colours to your cotton labels; this is usually more than enough for brands seeking that popular contemporary and uncluttered look. We use modern print methods to achieve a high-definition look that won’t fade, even after multiple washes.

And when it comes to the structure of your cotton labels, you can go for mitre fold, end fold or loop fold items in a selection of widths ranging from 10mm to 20mm. Your labels can be as long as you like, but we recommend keeping them relatively short to ensure a discreet finish and a comfortable fit for your garment.

2. They deliver a premium aesthetic

There’s nothing wrong with plastic labels. They’re an excellent choice for many clothes and accessories, especially as they are sometimes slightly more cost-effective than their organic counterparts. But when it comes to labelling, you really do get what you pay for – and cotton alternatives have much longer-lasting qualities.

With their soft touch, moreish feel and upmarket shimmer, organic cotton labels are the undisputed choice for retailers and manufacturers that want to add a subtle edge of sophistication to their products.

3. They are incredibly eco-friendly

The way that this type of cotton is farmed takes much less of a toll on the earth. Because it’s an organic product, farmers will never use fertilisers and pesticides during the production process, meaning fewer nasty toxins will enter the soil or the local water supply.

And, before the cotton plants are even allowed to be planted, the land will be left fallow for a while to make sure there are no pollutants present while the cotton is growing. All this combines to ensure that organic cotton labels are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

So, as you can see, cotton labels are the ideal option if you are looking to use more sustainable practices and materials within your business. You can also sleep easy knowing that cotton equivalents will biodegrade much faster than plastic labels.

Choose Hallmark for all your cotton label requirements

Whether you want to get your hands on a basic set of cotton labels adorned with your company logo, or you’re keen for us to bring a new, completely bespoke design to fruition, you can rely on Hallmark Labels to produce top quality products that will add a touch of class to any and all of your garments – and, of course, showcase your business’s commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably.  

Remember, you can also use organic cotton to create beautiful ribbons, which can be used to tie garments or accessories together or add a final flourish to mailouts and gift packages.

Contact our sales department today for more information or click here to visit our dedicated cotton labels product page.

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