Kennards Chocolate Boxes

Kennard’s boasts delicious chocolate in some of the most incredible flavours. Their goods are unique and very exciting – and we wanted this to come across in the custom printed boxes used to house their tasty treats. 

With their bright colours, straightforward design and cleverly placed product window, these products play a vital role in attracting and engaging the customer, and eventually enticing them to give these chocolate creations a whirl.  

We can make any kind of boxes, from printed rigid boxes and corrugated boxes to printed artboard boxes. These products are especially great for packing things like chocolate, sweets, garments, light gifts/ornaments and jewellery.

We can create boxes in any shape and with any graphics, and our boxes can be designed to close in any way you wish. You could opt for a box with a lid, a pizza-style box, a shoe box for easy access – there are so many possibilities, and you can be as inventive as you like. 

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