Is our custom branded tissue paper sustainable?

Businesses are increasingly searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint – and rightly so.

One question we get asked a lot by our customers is, can they justify producing custom printed tissue paper if they are working towards using fewer resources and ensuring their marketing decisions have less of an impact on the environment?

And is it really possible to create branded tissue paper to enhance product packaging without compromising their sustainability goals?

We think so – and here’s why.

Printed tissue paper
Printed tissue paper

The eco-friendly case for branded tissue paper

Many of our partners are not always aware that we can produce tissue paper that is completely biodegradable. But our team has worked hard to ensure we can offer this option. It’s another way we’re making sure that our products are contributing as little to the climate crisis as possible; it’s a crucial part of our mission as a company, and one of our core values.

What’s more, our custom tissue paper can be printed with water-based inks. These inks contain little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produce less than a quarter of the VOC emissions of solvent-based products. In fact, studies have shown that the carbon footprint of water-based inks can be between 30-40% lower than their solvent counterparts.

Aside from doing much less harm to the planet, water-based inks are also safer for your customers, and specifically young children and pets that might come into contact with them in the home.

From a design perspective, water-based inks allow for the thinner, softer printing techniques that lend themselves well to a relatively fragile material such as tissue paper.

So, as you can see, creating custom designed tissue paper is not necessarily wasteful, as long as you partner with a company that uses appropriately eco-friendly materials during the manufacturing process.

Plus, remember that branded tissue paper can be reused and repurposed by whoever has received your item(s). Over on our blog, we’ve listed plenty of ways customers can recycle your branded packaging. You’ll also find lots of inspiration for bringing these nifty little products into your merchandising strategy.

Tissue Paper

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