How to make your shipments stand out

The demand for online goods and services has skyrocketed in recent months and years, not least because of the ‘C’ that must not be named!

It doesn’t matter if you have been trading on the web for a while, or you have set up a new venture that takes advantage of this surge in ecommerce activity, you need to do everything in your power to make sure your brand comes across as professional, credible and memorable – even after the order itself has taken place.

You can do this in part through developing a beautifully designed website, and investing heavily in your digital marketing strategy – but you certainly shouldn’t overlook the important role that your printed packaging can play in reinforcing your brand image and keeping you front of mind amongst your customers for longer.

Hallmark Labels offers a range of printed labelling and merchandising solutions to help your mailouts stand out. Here are five of our favourites.

1. Make your shipments pop with branded mailing bags

With so many styles, colours and shapes to choose from, there’s no reason why you should be sticking to plain old mailing packaging at this point in 2020! Branded mailing bags will make a statement from the moment they land on anybody’s doorstep. For an extra special touch, choose branded paper bags, or bags with bubble linings. 

2. Cushion your goods in branded tissue paper

There’s nothing quite like digging through layers of protective paper in excitement to get to a long-awaited purchase. Now, you can make this experience work harder in terms of generating more awareness of your business by adding custom printed tissue paper that displays your unique brand graphics. And if you’re concerned about the impact these products might have on the environment, remember we can also produce biodegradable materials with special water-based inks. 

3. Add in a bespoke bag for good measure

Whether you use them to house the products themselves, or you pop one into each shipment as a practical thank-you present, custom printed bags can provide you with a fantastic way of getting your message out to the masses through the power of subliminal advertising. Our printed bags are available in a variety of substrates and finishes that enable you to create designs that are totally unique to you. 

4. Give every special purchase a sense of occasion

Want to provide your goods with a distinctly luxurious look and feel? Wrap them up in custom gift boxes! Printed with your choice of graphics and manufactured with top quality materials to keep your items safe and secure, our totally bespoke printed gift packaging will give those special shipments the real ‘wow’ factor. Combine these nifty products with our wider range of packaging options described above, and you’ll be guaranteed to make a winning impression on every single customer. 

5. Don’t forget your promo cards! 

Last but certainly not least, you should add one of our branded promo cards to every shipment to thank your customers for their business and let them know where to go if they want to place another order. These small postage notes can also be used to advertise any special promotions you’re running to hook the buyer back into your brand offering. 

Want to discuss your mailout design requirements with a member of the Hallmark team? Drop us a message or give us a call today! Remember, we offer an in-house design service for customers who don’t have these skills in-house. 

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