Hallmark joins forces with Ecologi

If you follow our brand online, you’ll know that we’re ALWAYS finding new ways to help the environment.

To date, we’ve introduced a huge variety of eco-friendly products to our range of labels and merchandise. From biodegradable mailers to eco-friendly Kraft packages, we offer a series of alternatives that make it easier for you to operate in a more sustainable manner (and impress your buyers with your forward-thinking ethos, too).

We’ve even produced a series of articles on how your customers can reuse and recycle your branded packaging, so it gets a second (or third) life and doesn’t end up sitting in landfill.

But we’re not the kind of company that likes to rest on its laurels. We know there’s always more to be done – especially when it comes to offsetting our wider carbon footprint.

That’s why we recently decided to sign up with Ecologi, a global tree planting initiative that provides us with a simple way to combat climate change each time we make a sale.

Every time you order new bespoke labels or merchandise from Hallmark – whether it’s our printed labels, woven labels, mailing bags, branded boxes or our other bespoke products – Ecologi will plant a tree on your behalf. It’s a scheme that’s been taken up by thousands of UK businesses in recent years, and we’re so pleased to add the Hallmark name to that ever-growing list!

Aside from its tree planting activities, Ecologi contributes to a huge range of climate action projects across the world. From planting forest gardens in Tanzania and tackling deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to assisting with green energy projects in India, Indonesia and Brazil, their team are always finding meaningful ways to look after our planet.

Be sure to check out the Ecologi website for more information on their work. And, if you feel inspired to get involved, you can set up your own tree planting plan as a business or an individual.

As a business, we can keep track of how many trees are being planted on our customers’ behalf by logging into Ecologi’s partner portal. We love seeing the numbers increase day by day, and we look forward to supporting this great organisation for many years to come!

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