Clothing labels to enhance more than just your garments

In the past, we’ve spoken extensively about how our labels can be used to establish your branding on your clothing. But these nifty little products aren’t just for garments.

In fact, printed labels and woven labels can be used across all kinds of items.

Here are just three of the accessories that will benefit from proper labelling – and a rundown of some of the things you will need to consider when developing label designs for each product.

Labels for handbags

Whether we bought them from a High Street brand, or we have splashed the cash on designer gear, we don’t often think about how to look after our handbags and purses. However, if the product becomes dirty or damaged, it would be handy to know how best to look after it!

Printed labels can be used to provide vital care instructions, such as how to clean the material without affecting its shape or colour. Woven labels often lend themselves well to handbags, as they are a little more discreet and a whole lot more tactile than their printed counterparts, meaning they tend to blend seamlessly into the handbag’s lining. They can be folded in a variety of ways to suit the design, and even ironed into the item if required.

Labels for gloves

As with handbags, labels for gloves can be used to provide more information on the materials used to create the product, plus guidance on how to wash and care for them correctly.

The key thing to remember when designing and ordering glove care labels is that they need to be as small as possible, so they don’t become uncomfortable for the wearer. After all, there’s nothing worse than the sharp or itchy edge of a label cutting into your skin! Again, woven labels may be the best solution here – particularly those that can be ironed into the inside of the gloves’ lining.

Labels for scarves

Scarf labels need to be lightweight and inobtrusive. In contrast to the products listed above, scarves are often better suited to standard printed labels, which can be sewn carefully into the edge of the fabric without detracting from the design.

Other things to bear in mind when choosing labels for your accessories

You can learn more about our printed labels here, and our garment labels here. We’ve also put together a range of blogs that will introduce you to our different products and their uses, including:

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We also put together a recent article that covers the many benefits of manufacturing garment and accessory labels right here in the UK.

Depending on the size, shape, and material you choose for your labels, the team here at Hallmark can print all kinds of graphics onto your items. From monochrome monikers to more vibrant and intricate designs, we’ve almost always got a solution that will allow you to bring your label vision to life!

We now also offer labels manufactured from recycled yarns, meaning our customers can consider their environmental impact as well as their style requirements when ordering from us.

For more information on our accessory labels, or to get help choosing the right label for your items, get in touch with our team today!

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