Can you ever over-expose your brand?

We often speak to customers here in the UK who are worried about ‘going too far’ with their branded labels and merchandise.

“How much is too much?”, they often ask us.

“Will adding too much custom branding to my packaging be a turn off for my customers?”

Well, in our experience… no. This is rarely the case.

In fact, you should be branding up as many aspects of your goods as you can. The more people are exposed to your company name, logo, strapline, brand colours and brand illustrations, the more likely it is that your business will stick in their minds. It’s this kind of constant brand recognition that often leads to repeat purchases – and we all want more of those!

The trick is to avoid producing an overall aesthetic that looks too busy, cluttered, or ‘amateur’, as this will be far more damaging to the way customers perceive your brand than a diverse collection of merchandise that can enhance their experience of your business.

It all comes down to the right design

For the best results, you need to create attractive, well-balanced designs that suit the dimensions of the products you’re using.

You can often incorporate more graphics and copy into products with larger surface areas, whereas smaller creations – like printed ribbons or packaging tape – will naturally be able to house less information, so you’ll need to be more careful about what you include.

An experienced designer will be able to help you put together suitable designs for different applications. You can always get in touch with our talented team of artworkers if you need help with this. 

You also need to consider whether the materials you choose will suit your brand image. For example, our printed labels and care labels are the first port of call for many customers who want to add vital messaging to their garments and accessories. And for good reason – they’re easy to produce, very affordable for all business types, and they deliver great results. But for a more premium look and feel, we’d often recommend investing in custom woven clothing labels, instead. Woven labels deliver the kind of tactility that just can’t be found elsewhere, and they’re available in a range of recycled and eco-friendly yarns to keep environmentally conscious retailers happy, too.  

In conclusion, never be scared to follow the old adage, ‘more is more’. Everyone is competing for attention in the retail industry, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Just make sure your designs have been created by a professional, so they complement your brand identity. Contact the team here at Hallmark for tips and advice on developing a merchandising strategy and getting your goods looking as beautiful as can be!

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